Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vampire Diaries Season 2 Epi 2 "Brave New World" Discussion

This episode went buy in the blink of an eye, I swear it seemed ten minuets long! But that is a good thing, Vamp Diaries killed it again! So great!

Hottest Stefan Moment:
The whole episode! Damn he is just awesome this year! But of course his most epic moment was the last scene, waking up Elena and jumping up into the ferris wheel- Seriously, how awesome is he?
I also really loved his scene with Caroline in the bathroom- he is just blowing me away this year, thus far.

Best Damon Line:
In this episode it was Damon and Stefan together that created the best line of the show-
Stefan "Maybe he's a Ninja Turtle... or a  Zombie"
Damon "You've got no comedic timing..."
Our Damon is still a little lost boy, but I love the chemistry between him and  Jeremy-- they are going to be interesting together! And I must say, Jeremy looked fantastic in this episode, I dare even say he was HOT! Much better wardrobe and hair than the first episode, so glad not to see the leather jacket again.

My one disappointment-- WHERE IS ALARIC?????

The Werewolves-- So we know that they are indeed Werewolves, if we go by the clip for next weeks epi. But seriously-- where is the hair?? where are the wolfy like features? Mason looks more like and Incredible Hulk than a Werewolf.
I'm curious about what the Moonstone actually does.

Caroline--- SO awesome! I'm really going to like her as a Vampire. I loved her last scene with Matt, and her following the technique Stefan gave her in the bathroom. I think the show did an awesome job of her becoming aware of what she was and her struggle with the realization and the confusion all at the same time. How bad ass was she with Damon in the school? (when Elena, Stefan, and Damon conferenced in Alaric's classroom I was hoping he would make his appearance than--- am I wrong? I don't remember him in the first episode...? was he at the Mayor's wake? or the hospital?)

Bonnie-- I was so excited about Carter, I thought they were introducing her new love interested! Booooo!

5 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Another great post Jes! thanks!
Ok here's my thoughts...

I laughed my butt off during the scene between Stefan and Damon at the carnival discussing ninja turtles, hehehe. And I totally agree - Stefan = MAJOR HOTTNESS this season!! The end was perfection :-) I loved that he went to wake up Elena & took her to the ferris wheel (I also love how she woke up with complete make up on & no morning breath! lol).

I was sorta hoping Carter would be new boyfriend material for Bonnie too. She needs a man!

LOVED Caroline as a Vamp! I also love how they're showing a more vulnerable, emotional side to it. I really, really hope she sticks around.

Not to give away spoilers.. but when I was setting my dvr ahead I accidentally read part of an episode synopsis and saw Alaric's name. So yes, he is coming back.. maybe next week? I stopped reading as soon as I saw his name though! I didn't want to ruin it, haha.

I kinda like that the werewolves weren't all hairy & wolf like. It keeps it different from the other typical werewolf stories.

And yes to Jeremy! I've always had a secret crush on him :-)

heatheryruth said...

I LOVE Caroline as a Vamp! Yay! Although, I kinda feel bad for Katherine, can't she have any normal friends?

I'm not surprised they brought werewolves into the story, gotta keep up with the other Vamp Stories and Shows our there.

Ahhhh Bonnie, I really like her as a bad ass.

Finally, I like Jeremy's character. I look forward to seeing how it develops! LOVE THE HAIRCUT! I hate long hair on guys!

I still stand by that all the rest of you can fight over Damon and Stefan. That means I get Matt and his hot, sweet, puppydog-ness to myself! YAY! ;)

Ginger @ GReads! said...

Don't you mean you feel bad for Elena? and not Katherine? lol

heatheryruth said...

Ooops, yep, that's what I meant!

Erin said...

the ninja turtle line was perfection.