Friday, April 30, 2010

A Note from Bill Condon

The new director for Breaking Dawn just posted this note to all Twilight fans:

Greetings Twihards, Twifans, Twilight Moms, Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team Switzerland,

I just want to say hello to all of you and let you know that I'm stoked to be getting underway on the adventure of making BREAKING DAWN. As you've probably heard, I've been given a very warm welcome by Stephenie and Team Summit - who are super-focused, as you know, on getting these movies right.

I'm pretty busy bringing myself up to speed on what you already know by heart: I've read BREAKING DAWN twice, rewatched Catherine's and Chris's movies 2-3 times each, have all four CDs playing in my car, and have Catherine's notebook, Mark Cotta Vaz's companion books, and even Volume 1 of the graphic novel here on my desk - a corner of my office is starting to look like Hot Topic. I realize that this barely qualifies me for "newborn" status in the universe you've been living inside for a few years now, but a guy's gotta start somewhere.

Like many of you, I've always been slightly obsessed with vampires, dating back to the prime-time series DARK SHADOWS, which I followed avidly as a kid. But that alone hadn't been enough to get me interested in making a vampire movie, even though my early screenwriting and directing efforts grew out of a great love for horror movies and thrillers. Since making GODS AND MONSTERS thirteen years ago, however, I've been yearning for a return to a story with Gothic overtones.

The wonderful world that Stephenie has created has obviously struck a chord with you, and I don't think it's difficult to see why. For me, her characters are simultaneously timeless, yet very modern. Rooted in a beautiful, real landscape with a great sense of place, Bella, Edward, Jacob, and the rest of the Forks/La Push menagerie, experience emotions that are primal, and universal: desire, despair, jealousy - and it all comes to fruition in BREAKING DAWN. This is a final chapter in the best sense; not just wide in scope and scale, but emotionally charged and intense throughout.

I'm a huge admirer of the already-iconic Kristen, Robert, and Taylor, and wanted to be the one to work with them as they face the challenges of bringing your beloved characters to the end of their journeys. Really, what could be more fun than that?

Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section below, and I'll do my best to answer them. I hope that this will be the first of many occasions I'll get to check in with you as we set to work bringing BREAKING DAWN to the screen. I am excited and grateful to have all of you alongside me for my TWILIGHT journey.

All best,

Bill Condon

P.S. Answer #1: No, there won't be any musical numbers

If you'd like to leave a question for him, click here.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Borders 75% off of New Moon Apparel Sale

yeah. I'm not probably that interested in this, but figured I should post it, as we are a twilight fanpire site after all ;) Anyone who wants to check out discounted duds look here

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bill Condon To Direct Breaking Dawn

Confirming recent speculation, Summit Entertainment announced Wednesday that “Dreamgirls” writer-director Bill Condon will in fact direct the final film in the “Twilight” series, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.”

No decision has yet been made as to whether the long, final tome will be divided into two movies or whether one (or both) will be filmed in 3D.

Read more here.

Thanks for the head's up, Heather!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hot Vamp of the Day

This is a screen cap taken from last week's episode of Vamp Diaries.
To see more, click here.

Another Book Released Today

Eeps! Forgot about Into the Dark: The Darkest Fire\The Amazon's Curse\The Darkest Prison by Gena Showalter. This book includes three novellas; one of them is a Lords of the Underworld prequel. I may have to check that one out too!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Three Books Released Tomorrow

I'm bookless at the moment ...until tomorrow when the following books are released:

Morganville Vampires: Kiss of Death (book 8)

House of Night: The next book, Burned (book 7)

Lover Mine: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (book 8)

So, kittycats, what are you going to read next?

New Eclipse Pictures

More here

Pic of the day

My friend Debbie sent this to me from the website

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Engagement Ring

Did you guys catch the glimpse of Elizabeth Masen's ring in the preview?! The night during which Edward proposes to Bella in Eclipse is probably one of my favorite scenes in the series, second only to the Eclipse tent scene. Or the Eclipse leg-hitching scene...can you tell Eclipse is my favorite in the series?!

Anyway, I paused it on that part of the preview, took a screen capture and cropped it, so it's not great quality...but here it is! Thoughts? Was it what you envisioned?

NEW Eclipse Trailer

Today Oprah is debuting the final trailer for Eclipse...

Thanks Heather for giving us the heads up!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vampire Diaries Episode 18, Chat & Discuss

Update!: Ok, so I thought of somethings that I really did enjoy about this episode, and they all involve Stefan :)
Once again we had a scene that was very Twilighty with the whole Stefan and Elena making out on the bed until he flew himself off of her into the wall-- Hooray for Paul Wesley for doing that scene justice and definitely better than Rob and Kristen's version.
Also, truly the hottest Stefan moment was when he hugged Elena tight and said "I love you so much" -- it really comes down to the fact that I love a man in his vulnerable state, if he had shed some tears it would have put me over the edge, in a good way ;)

On the eve of tomorrow nights episode, I was thinking that it might be a good idea to discuss last weeks epi! (I usually get some badgering to post, and did not this week, so I kinda kept putting off- oops!)

Hottest Stefan Moment:
This is the episode when we are introduced to "bad vamp" Stefan-- which I guess really just means "lush vamp" Stefan. I kinda was disappointed in this chance for Stefan to be reckless, I was kinda hoping he would step outside of the "good" box a little more...instead he was just a bully, but the type that doesn't follow thru with his bullying at the last moment-- that seems weird for me to be disappointed in, but I was looking forward to some good role reversal here. I was kinda wanting him to go off the deep end before we welcome our dear good vamp back. So, his hottest moment? I would have to say it was those glimpses we got to see of him dancing at the party in the background- it was cute.

Best Damon Line:(it's so hard to pick just one!)
Elena: How long until he's back to normal.
Damon: A few days, give or take.
Elena: It's been a few days.
Damon: Give then? I don't know.

Shock of the Episode:
Other than me being thoroughly disappointed in Stefan's "dangerous side"-- though I probably shouldn't be... I would say that the big surprise of the episode is the mystery with Uncle John- we are left wondering how he knows Katherine and Isobel and in what capacity?? hmmmmm...? Any theories?
And in true teen TV fashion, we've got the running storyline of Matt and his angst with his washed-up-no-good mother, and Tyler has his daddy issues too, and Jeremy read his sister's diary. Plus, what do you all think of Elena and Damon's growing friendship??

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quote of the Day

“The decibel level at which a 13-year-old can explain how much she loves you—it’s the coolest thing ever.”
Ian Somerholder in his recent GQ interview

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The SVC MN Coven Leaders Celebrate!

Last night we got together to celebrate our 2nd Aniversary! Here are some pics of our night:

Friday, April 16, 2010

Carlisle is the richest Vamp!

Twilight's Carlisle Cullen Named Wealthiest Fictional Character

Forget that boring Fortune 500 list, with its Walmarts, oil companies and lack of vampires. The better list was released this week by Forbes, the one that not only includes vampires, but puts a bloodsucker squarely on top of the list.

In its annual ranking of the wealthiest fictional characters, Forbes calculated that Carlisle Cullen -- the father of the vampiric Cullen clan from the Twilight novels and movies -- is the most well-heeled character in the world with an estimated fortune of over $34 billion.

To read more about how he reaped these fortunes click here.

Here is the entire Forbes Fictional 15:
1. Carlisle Cullen (Twilight): $34.1 billion
2. Scrooge McDuck: $33.5 billion
3. Richie Rich: $11.5 billion
4. Tony Stark (Iron Man): $8.8 billion
5. Jed Clampett (Beverly Hillbillies): $7.2 billion
6. Adrian "Ozymandias" Veidt (Watchmen): $7 billion
7. Bruce Wayne (Batman): $6.5 billion
8. The Tooth Fairy (she's real): $3.9 billion
9. Thurston Howell, III (Gilligan's Island): $2.1 billion
10. Sir Tophamm Hatt (Thomas the Tank Engine): $2 billion
11. Artemis Fowl II : $1.9 billion
12. C. Montgomery Burns (The Simpsons): $1.3 billion
13. Chuck Bass (Gossip Girl): $1.1 billion
14. Jay Gatsby (The Great Gatsby): $1 billion
15. Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development): $950 million

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hot Twilight Star of the Day Pic

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

SVC on Oprah!!! least we hope!!

Oprah has put out a call for all people obsessed with Twilight, and us SVC Coven leaders are hoping to get the phone call from her people to be on the show, or at least in the audience for a Twilight themed show. How amazing would that be?!? We are each writing a little blurb to say why we are worthy to be a part of the show, and if you too would like to try check it out HERE!
We wish all of you luck, and send some positive vibes our way to please!
The MN coven leaders are going to make a video also on Friday to send to Oprah, hopefully we can skype Ginger in on it too. We will post it here to show you all our silliness.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two years ago on this day...

The SVC blog was born! Alison posted our first post, which is pretty funny to look back on if you click HERE. Our blog has come a long way since then! We started out posting about our love of Twilight, and it has grown into our love of all things paranormal you can find in books, tv, & movies, BUT most of all this blog has been the back story to our lives and friendships over the past two years. Happy 2nd anniversary !!

*Post Edit to add awesome anniversary nail art painted by Corinne*

Shiver -- the movie?

The author of Shiver, Maggie Stiefvater just posted this on her facebook page:

Maggie Stiefvater (Really, it's me) I know it's not definite, but I have to tell you that when I look on Shiver's movie page on the Internet Movie Database and see the release date of 2012, it sort of makes it hard to sit still.

eeeeeeeeeek! I hope this continues and it does get turned in to a movie :-) How exciting!!
Click here to see the official IMDB page for Shiver.

For those who have read the book, who would you suggest to play Sam & Grace's characters?

Question of the Day!

So I saw this article: "Wuthering Heights Sales Soar after Twilight Revamp" And it has me thinking, is Wuthering Heights a fun book to read? I remember back to my Babysitter's Club book reading days, and the character Mary-Anne from that series loved Wuthering Heights. So, I bought the book, and I was probably around the age of 10, and I could not get into it. I tried it again a few years ago, after buying a copying that I though looked pretty, and once again it was hard for me to concentrate on it, and it didn't captivated me what-so-ever. So I'm asking all of you out there in SVC Land, is Wuthering Heights worth my time again? Is it a entertaining book to read? Who out there has read it and how do you feel about it? Or is it really one of those books that people read to say that they've read it, but don't really get past the first few pages or it still sits there on your book shelf wanting to be read at some point?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Persnickety Snark

First of all, I love this blog name:)

Persnickety Snark is compiling a list of the top 100 YA novels. If you want your faves on the list, go to this website and fill out the Google Doc.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lover Mine

Only a few more weeks till the next Blackdagger Brotherhood book is out! I'm very excited to read more about the Brothers :) Arrives in our hands April 27th!

Heres a synopsis from Publishers Weekly:
Newly made vampire John Matthew vows to free his mate, the symphath Xhexania, from Lash, a paranoid coke addict who's transmuting into a nontemporal entity like his vampire-killer father, the Omega. Once freed, Xhexania joins the Brothers in battling the Omega, but refuses to acknowledge her emotional connection to John. Meanwhile, sexually promiscuous Qhuinn, shockingly jealous of his cousin Saxton's new lover, wonders whether he should have seduced Saxton when he had the chance. Complicated subplots and tortured heroes abound, but attentive readers will love putting it all together.

Me: Ummmmmmmmmmm, hello? Cousin? (where are we going with this?)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Vampire Diaries Episode 17, Chat & Question of the Week

Holy Crap! Can we just skip to the last scene of last nights episode?!?
This show is taking an interesting turn with Stefan, and I think I am going to enjoy the ride! I love the idea of Stefan loosing himself to some blood lust, it really was only a matter of time- right?!
So let's get to it!

Hottest Stefan Moment: There really wasn't one in this episode, I mean we got to see him without his shirt on, but he was being tortured-- so I can't take any real pleasure in that. But he stole the show with that look he has on his face at the end of the episode, when Damon walks in on him after he has sucked down a couple pints of blood!! I mean, woah!! Caught me off guard, and I LOVED it!

Best Damon Line: There really were so many in this episode, here is my personal fave:
"But you can't deny, we were badass" (spoken to Alaric)
Really, once again this was Damon's show. I loved how he and Alaric pulled together to form their own little "scoobie team" to fight the badie vamps.

Surprises and such: Well come on!!!! Stefan is now going to be interesting, he's tasted Elena's blood and who knows how or when he will come back from his new approaching dark side??? Can't wait for next week!! The promo is fantastic!

Really, what we learned in this episode was that, yes indeed, DAMON LOVES STEFAN <3
oh, and btw, the storm in this episode was pretty lame-- if you looked at the actual storm itself, it was pretty tame rain fall-- not worthy of the damage it did in certain scenes (i laughed out loud when the branch fell onto Elena's car--cause their was like no wind). Oh yes, and Vicki's body was found, which to be honest I am kind of surprised that they went there with the storyline and didn't keep her disappeared... will finding her body play out more in the coming episodes? or did they just want to close off that thread?

Question: What do you think about this new turn of events for Stefan??

RPattz to play Kurt Cobain?!

's leading man Robert Pattinson is set to play Kurt Cobain in a forthcoming biopic. The Sun reports that the British actor - known as R-Pattz to his teen fans - has landed his "dream role" in the part of the Nirvana frontman.

Pattinson apparently "has always thought of himself as a musician rather than an actor" and so the role is "ideal for the pin-up", according to the paper's source.

To read the rest of this article click here.


What do you all think of this? Do you think RPattz can pull it off? I read in the article Scarlett Johansson may play the role of Courtney Love... interesting!

KStew turns 20!

Happy Birthday to Kristen Stewart

She turns 20 years old today.
(if anyone cares lol)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cassandra Clare's Q & A

The beloved Cassandra Clare, very well know for her famous Mortal Instruments Series, caused a commotion on twitter today when she tweeted: “Soo, anyone got questions about Clockwork Angel or City of Fallen Angels? I’m in a question-answery mood . . .”

She answered a lot of questions from fans, most of it about her next two books coming out: Clockwork Angel – book 1 of Infernal Devices and City of Fallen Angels (CoFA) – book 4 of Mortal Instruments.

To see the Q & A session, click here.


And something I've been wondering myself...

@FoodisAwesome: “do Clary and Jace finally hook up in COFA?”

Clare: "Be weird if they’d been dating two months and hadn’t made out."


Vampire Diaries Review and Chat for Epis 15 & 16

I sat down to write last weeks review and chat, had it all written out and was looking for a pic to post with it, when I lost it all-- boo. So, i apologize if this post is not up to par, I can't find the notes I used last week-- However, let's get to the good stuff, our Salvatore Brothers are back in our weekly lives! woohoo!

Epi 15: A Few Good Men
Best Stefan Moment:
This episode was lacking in hot Stefan moments I felt, but I think what it came down to was that Damon's naked torso scene was going to trump any Stefan moment in this episode! Can we say, HOLY CRAP! I actually really did say "HOLY CRAP!" When Damon walked onto my screen with that beautiful torso of his, so incredibly sexy.
I do have to say, however, that Stefan has such incredibly great little looks that he gives to Elena. My fave moment of his was when he spied Elena at the Auction, and gave her a wave from across the room-- it was a small moment, but one that made me say "ahhhh". Love him.

Best Damon Line: There were a ton of great lines from Damon this week (it really was a Damon episode). My fave:
"What can i do for you, I'm a barrel full of favors today. I might have found a purpose, how can I help people."

Biggest Surprise: Was obviously the fact that Alaric cannot be killed. I knew that ring was something special-- and now we know that he got it from Isobel-- Oh yes, and Isobel is a vampire and Elena's birth mother...SURPRISE!! Though I have to say, the biggest surprise for me, was the horrifically awful death scene with Trudy falling down the stairs-- that was just pitiful, I've come to expect better death scenes than that from this show.

Question for this Episode: Now that we know who Elena's mother is, do you think her biological father will come into play at all in the future?

Epi 16: There Goes The Neighborhood:

Hottest Stefan Moment:
This whole episode. I kept think through out this epi, that Stefan really is the antithesis of Edward. I love, love, love Edward, but Stefan is slowly but surely creeping into his place. Just for the way that Stefan is with Matt-- it was refreshing to see a guy not jealous or threatened by a past boyfriend, but Stefan is actually very understanding towards Matt-- People have claimed Edward to be the perfect guy/vamp-- but really it is Stefan Salvatore that is the perfect guy/vamp in my book.

Best Damon line: Last weeks episode was so full of hot Damon, so I'm going to say that it is ok, that this epi lacked in Damon moments. Pretty much he just got his ass kicked (and eyes gouged) and then got drunk...not much hotness in this epi. We pretty much just learned that our Vamps are not the toughest vamps out there anymore. Anna's mother can kick ass. Best Line:
"There is no way in hell I am going to play your little minon."

Surprises and such: We've now learned that all the vamps escaped the Tomb and are learning to text in a house in the woods. We know that Anna's mother wants to reclaim Mystic Falls, Damon thinks that this sounds like a ridiculous idea, it is no longer the 1800's after all. What kind of domination is she planning?
Jeremy has it in his head that he wants to be turned-- is this because he thinks that Vicky is still a vamp? Does he like Anna at all in a "more than friends" way? What are your thoughts and observations?

Monday, April 5, 2010

A Twilight Easter Egg...

Jodelle Ferland, who plays newborn vamp Bree in Eclipse, posted this photo of her Eclipse-painted Easter egg on Twitter. Very impressive!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quote of the Day - Eclipse Style

"You’ll always be my Bella, you’ll just be a little more durable." ~ Edward Cullen, page 274.

This quote was taken from a top 10 list that some people hope to see in the movie, Eclipse. To see the rest of the list click here.

Reading these quotes got me thinking about Eclipse and how much I LOVE this book! What are some quotes from the book that you'd like to see make the final cut?