Friday, November 21, 2008

Question of the Weekend: The Reviews

So did you see the movie? Share your review!
The SVC coven members are definately all over the fence on this one!

36 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

Thoughts in list format:

1. Pure cheesiness. I went in expecting it and boy, did it deliver.

2. If you have never read the book, you prob won't enjoy the movie. There were just too many things you were expected to get.

3. Despite the cheesiness, I enjoyed myself. It was really fun to see our obsession come to life.

4. Rob + Kristen are hot together.

5. Karen Newton for Prez 2012!!

alison said...

I assume from Corinne's "Good Luck" text message that the movie was kind of lame?

alison said...

wow. Perez has a poll on if people liked th emovie or not, sofar only 42% said yes. The rest were no's and so-so.

Erin said...

OK, after sleeping on it, here are my thoughts:

On one hand, I had prepared myself for cheesiness and it differing from how I imagined the book. However, I could have prepared myself more by watching more scenes, etc online to get a feel for the filming (the trailers were much more slickly put together, as they always are).

So...I had a hard time in that I WANTED to take the parts that were supposed to be serious seriously, but wanted to giggle through most of it. The scenes that were supposed to be funny definitely were, I think.

There were absolutely things I liked, though:

1. I agree, Kari, that Rob and Kristen were hot together.

2. Mike Newton and Eric Yorkie made me laugh really hard.

3. Charlie was great, I thought.

4. The intensity between Edward and Jacob at the end SO made me want to see the rest of the story played out. Well, through Eclipse.

5. I wanted more Quileute tribe scenes, which is good.

6. Jasper was hilarious.

7. The story was overall very true to the book. It just seemed choppy and the character development wasn't there. Those who haven't read the book will have a hard time following. I mean, I felt weird about how fast Bella and Edward were moving, and I absolutely love/was sold on the book...

That's all I got for now. It was definitely entertaining, and the setting was beautiful to watch on-screen. I really want to go to Washington/Oregon now...

Jes said...

I went into the movie thinking that I would come out of it loving like I love Grease 2, Toy Soldiers, and all my fave cheeseball movies- and I did!

I had fun watching this movie. The parts that i adored were:
Edward-loved him.
The kiss scene- loved! The realing back was fantastic.
Charlie...loved, but think we may need to do an intervention in the next film.
Mike Newton and Jessica- I give them two awesomes.

On the otherhand- the EDITING was horrendous. so sad. It was like watching Twilight on high on speed. What the?

worst scene: Biology...laughed and peed bit in my pants it was so abruptly hilarious.

verdict- honestly, can't wait to see it again!

Kari said...

I have been thinking a lot about the meadow scene. That was kind of a disappointment for me. In the book it's pivotal. The movie it was like MEH. Cat followed the book so closely on everything else, why change the meadow? I'd do without the biology scene (or change it anyway) and keep the meadow.

Corinne said...

I am not sure how to review this movie. I cannot deny that I was entertained by the movie. At one point (maybe even more than once) I was laughing so hard that I cried. maybe sometimes when I wasn't supposed to be laughing.

But as for the actual movie composition, story line and characters, it was bad. There was no relationship development, no character development and no plot development that would mean anything or make sense to an average person.

I want to say that it was enough that I knew the story line from the book, that the story was basically followed or that Edward had some great shots of hotness. But I'm not sure I can.

The only thing I can compare it to is Harry Potter. Maybe it isn't fair, but at least the Harry Potter did what I thought was the best job of translating the books into a movie form I could get on board with.

I know my SVC girls think I'm a hater. But I did really WANT to like this movie. I WANT to get on board. I WANT to say only positive things. But it's not happening. I can think of things I like. I did not have a bad time last night. There were parts of the movie that were good. (mainly Charlie, Jacob and Emmett--which surprised me). But overall, I support the reviews of 1.5 stars. Sorry Eddie.

alison said...

I can honestly say that if I had gone to the movie alone I woudl have walked out within the first half hour. Thats how I roll. I don't like my time to be wasted.

Jasper Scissorhands was hilarious. Wish I'd seen more of him and his penetrating stare.

alison said...

Ok. so here is more.

Kari-- the meadow scene was where I started thinking the movie started getting better. I thought it was well-done, at least in terms of the rest of the movie.

script was awful. Horrendous. No continutity. No character development. If I hadn't read the book, I wouldn't havge known what the hell they were talking about in the beginning.

I like cheesy, I can handle cheesy if it is honest. If the whole movie had been like the baseball scene I would have liked it. Instead it tried to do something that it didn't know how to do.

also poor cinematography.

Erin said...

So...Jes and I just went and saw it again. lol.

I liked it a lot better the second time. I take it for what it is. It will never even remotely live up to the book for me, but I'm OK with it.

I don't think you're a hater, Corinne. I think you HP fans have something I don't - Twilight is it for me. I don't have anything I love better. So in a way, I guess I'm more accepting because I have to make this work - I love the book too much to hate much that's associated with it. Does that make sense?

I agree, Alison. I love the baseball scene. Jasper Scissorhands is HOT in a baseball shirt. I love Emmett - wanted more of him. I loved Mike Dexter. I liked all the guys, I think, except Eric (who I guess I loved b/c he was so bad). And Jacob is just OK for me. I understand he's cute, but he didn't exude the Jacob-y good hottness that I was hoping he would. Maybe in NM he will. Charlie was good, I thought. Renee, Rosalie, and Alice were laughable, I thought. Bella was better than I thought she'd be, but still not great. I liked Jessica for her appalling obnoxiousness. And Angela for the same reason. I wish there would have been a Lauren. I loved Victoria, too.

As a stand-alone movie, it was obviously lacking. But as a new facet to the book, I was highly entertained. I'm glad I saw it again.

Jes said...

So, yes Erin and I just got back from seeing it a 2nd time and....


Why do I love it? because it is Twilight- and for all it's cheesiness it delivers Edward for me. There really were some great scenes and some great delivery of lines.
Also, seeing it again- there were parts that didn't seem so shocking to me, so I highly enjoyed it. It really flowed better this time.
It was fun- and it was fun to laugh at some of the interpretations- and yes, we definately can make an awesome drinking game out of all the close-ups on the eyes.

I give it Three enthusiastic "mike newton" thumbs up (out of four)

Anonymous said...

i have not seen it yet. but i am not suprised by the results,
they made such a big deal out of it that it was obvious something would go wrong.
but like Alison, i honestly love cheesy movies!!! they are...intertaining! :)

alison said...

I was thinking that a good drinking game would be whenever bella or edward stumbled over their lines or looked dead inside. so you'd be drunk right away.

or any time they had the cheesy music insinuating something bad, like they do in that effing true bloods show. THe music was so hilarious in the science scene. agh. did i say hilarious? it made me want to die.

I like Jacob. I wish he had more self confindence though. I am gonna hope he gets his groove back in new moon.

Ryah said...

I agree with what Corinne and Alison have said. I know people think I'm a hater as well, but I have never said I hated Twilight, New Moon, or Eclispe. I really, really like them. I also know it's hard for people to hear negative things about the books they love so much. But I don't like to let my feelings dictate how I'm going to feel about future books (BD), or the movie.

That said, I hated the movie.
I'm prety sure I wasn't suppose to be laughing so hard that tears would be streaming down my face, or trying to cover my eyes with my scarf. It was hard to watch in some places, and just when I thought it would get better, something ridiculous would happen that would send me into the giggles all over again.

I thought the acting was sub-par. R Patz, I love ya, but I hated your Brooklyn accent. The chemistry was lacking, and I also hated all the swelling emotional music that was telling us how to feel when people were just staring at each other, not talking. Bad directing as well.

Things I liked: Charlie, Jessica, Emmett, the baseball scene, the rouge vamps, and when victoria took her hair out of her fancy updo and looked badass at the end.

I wasn't expecting this movie to be great, or even good, but I had a really hard time watching it and taking seriously, it was bad, even for a campy, cheesy teen movie.

Did I have fun, YES, will I see it again, YES! With flask in hand...

Corinne said...

I love you, Ryah. You reinforced what I have thought. You, too, Alison.

I love cheese. I love to laugh. But this was not what I wanted.

But I can't wait to see it again (with my flask, too).

Not liking BD. Not liking the movie does not hinder my love for the fist three books in the series. I am still a shiny vampire diehard.

I also love that we have such different ideas of what we thought. It's fun to hear it!

Maggie said...

Alright. I just saw the movie. I laughed at inappropriate times. There were times when I said "REALLY?? Really? really??" or it was a "no...for real? did they really just do that?"

Bella - looked like a spaz instead of acting flustered by Edward

Edward - just looked like he was in too much agony and was so full of angst. Barf me. All of his staring scenes made me crack up.

Jasper- I loved watching him just stare like he was incompetent or something.

Carlisle - I liked him. Probs my favorite actor.

Jacob - I LOVED when he randomly walked out of the forest at the end and then just scooted on out after. haha - what??

As for the rest, it was a mix of laughing at the cheesiness (which i expected), or being confused as to why it was so lacking in relationship building.

If I had not read Twilight, I would wonder why Edward and Bella loved each other - there was no development there except that they both wanted to do each other.

But overall, I did enjoy myself - even if it was because I laughed so much. I plan to see it again with my Momma and sister, so maybe i'll get another view of it!

Erin said...

So agreed, Maggie. Hilarious.

And I laughed about Jacob walking out of the woods, too!

mo said...

yes it was rather cheesy, but i liked it
honestly, the stunts (edward jumping from tree to tree) EPIC FAIL!
on the plus side, now i will be using this line forever
"hey, look! a worm!"
-Eric Yorkie
honestly that scene of "sensuality" was kind of pathetic, i mean seriously.
*mutters* how do i say this without it sounding dirty...
needs more hott kissing
i missed that
plus peter faccinelli (oh god i hope i spelled that right) is the hottest guy ever as carlisle, followed up by jackson rathbone as jasper
i love jessica and angela's description of jasper (the one who looks like he's in pain.
ok but catherine hardwick gets points for ashley greene as alice
ok, done ranting

heatheryruth said...

Well I saw it at midnight as well! I agree there was SERIOUS cheese! the Biology scene me and my Sis in Law bust a gut laughing at Eddie Choking and covering his nose!

Things I LOVED
CHARLIE! He was AWESOME! In the books he was always kind of a fuddy duddy for me! in the film a RIOT!!
Edward I thought RPatz did a good job for the most part!

The Kissing scene! YUM! wish there had been more!

Emmett wish he had more lines and what not in the show!

Alice...Loved her too! (LOVED her walking in on the tree outside get in the house!)

Carlisle and Esme!

The look billy give Edward as he comes to warn Bella

The looks between Edward and Jacob at the end!

Things I didn't Like

The mjump around feel of the movie...bad editing

the lack of character development

the Meadow scene! :(

Jasper and his look of constipation!

Over all I'm like Jes and Erin...I'll love it cuz it's Twilight and it's Edward come to life! I'm absolutely going to go see it again and get it on DVD! I truly hope it does well enough to make the sequels!

Corinne said...

So, Ryah, Alison and I watched a Cedric Diggory scene with RPatz and the funniest part is that Rob had more chemistry with Harry Potter than with Kristen Steward. Of course, it could be chalked up to the fact that he was able to use his "real" voice and his brittish accent is so much more charming...

debra-- said...

Damn summit and not letting Australia have it now :(
It sounds pretty good with what you guys are saying.
I am so excited argh.
I am wearing my I love Edward Cullen T-Shirt to the premiere Ive got my tickets im just waiting...... :|

Anonymous said...

when it comes out on itunes..i am soo geting it!!!

Anonymous said...

my mom almost took me last night, except for two problems:

1) my dad was at hockey so he couldn't take care of my bro's


2) All the showings around where I live were sold out already. We drove past a movie theater and on the door there was a sign "TWILIGHT - SOLD OUT".

i said that i'd sit on the floor to go see it, but my mom said it would be to packed.

in MSN travel section, there's an article on how everyone is flocking to Forks. the locals are getting into it as well, they have twilight tours and have picked houses that would be Bella's, Edward's, they found a clearing to be the one the Vampire's played baseball in... all sorts of stuff. They say the biggest attration is the La Push beach. Read the article if you can find it!!

alison said...

it wasn't even just his chemistry with Harry, corinne. It was like in just those few moments he was on screen,his personality was EVERYTHING I wanted Edward to be. I saw that and was like "he would be the p~zerfect Edward!" Except he wasn't. Not one bit.

Well, when he was wearing the sunglasses... That was a little Edwardian.

And grimm and z~z---I hope you get to see it soon! I have a feeling you are really going to like it.

Anonymous said...

thanks Alison!! :) even if it sux, i will still love it:)

Anonymous said...

probably me too grimm. you completely left me out of that statment, and you of all people should know that even if we're just BFF's, we still practically share a mind!

rant over.

I'm putting up Christmas decorations today... well, my parents are. I just wanted to go onto my roof!! i climbed out my window and was really on the roof. it was fun, and now i know how to get onto the roof... -insert evil laugh- ... but i'd never -insert sarcasm- sneak on when ever summer comes back... if it comes back. =(

ok... thats all.

Anonymous said...


,even if it sux ME AND Z~Z WILL STILL LOVE IT.:)

i really hope we arent dissapointed though:(

Z~Z, i wish i would have the oppertunity top go on my roof, but i am so chicken i would never do it. but IF the movie sux, it will be fun looking at Jasper's constapated face!! :)☺
and i TOTALY picutered alice's hair way diffrent! it is not spiky anuf( and yes, my spelling is HORRENDIOUS!!) and Z~Z's quote, Jasper has a gelled back afro. O_O
carlisle and esme's hair was PERFECT!!! and Emmet is.. Emmet...:)

Jes said...

z-z and grimm- you guys are gonna love the film! I've got two sisters about your ages and they just adored it- my sis who is 16 even shed some tears at the end during the slow dance :)
Enjoy it! Some parts are cheesy, but it's edward on the big screen!!! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

thanks a million Jes!!! i am sure Z~Z and i will adore the movie ( and i will cry more than once:)
and a girl at Z~Z and my school says she dosen't think Rob suits playing Edward!!?? i think he suits Edward perfectly!! sorry but, that is so weird. Rod is exactly how i pictured Edward.
Any one agree?

and a am geting more anxious by the miniute to see Twilight!!!
it looks amazing and i am siked to see it (i probbly said that more than twice!! gtg my lil' cousin is here!! bye

Anonymous said...

i think age might have something to do with how much you like it. I will most likely love it cause i don't really watch movie's other than when I have to, or when I really wanna see them. Meanwhile older peps r saying it's not very good and very cheesy, i don't think I'll have the film experience to pick out the cheesy parts, unless they're real obvious.

grimm - I agree. you're spelling does suck. but I read/write more than you and have more experience with words.

OMG i just saw the Much music segment on TV and it was HILARIOUS!! Robb was nervous I guess and he sat with his legs crossed under him on a white couch. it was funny when Perez, who was on via web cam, asked him if he was single. I was surprised to find out that he was.

k, gtg now... ringette practice.

GRIMM - i will call u as soon as I can find a show that hasn't been sold out and we can go. =p

Anonymous said...

2 thanks: #1 thanks for checking movie schedule's i def thanks for that.:)

#2 THANKS *sarcastic undertone* for trashing my spelling!!!
when YOU don't even know what a philosopher!!!

Anonymous said...


Jes said...

i just saw it for a third time... love it even more.

Kari said...

I'll have to harass my friend Beth to come give her review. I got a msg on Facebook from her husband who really liked the movie. He gave it 8.5 out of 10!

Ryah -- did Jeremy see it yet? What did he think?

Anonymous said...

No Kari, I haven't seen it yet. I'd like to, because I can go into it with low expectations!

Kaitlyn said...

okay, get ready for a LOONG post

things i expected:
kristin stewart; really bad actress
robert pattinson; okay actor
charlie, no moustache; bad
alice; bad
glitter scenes; horrendous
emmett; really bad
jasper; horrendous,and/or weird
carlisle; okay
esme; bad, and/or clueless

what i got:
everything wrong. all the ones who were labeled "bad" were at least okay, charlie rocked, bella was much better than i expected,at least, and looked exactly like what i thought she would, Robert Pattinson sucked as Edward, the lines sucked, the glittering was halfway between what i imagined it and what i expected, minus the sparkly sound, Rosalie (whom i forgot)looked...unrosalish...but oh well, i heart twilight but in the movie, the lines just suck too much, gosh, the internet at my house is down so i can't do anything more and i'm leaving soon, nooo!