Saturday, November 22, 2008

Perez, we feel your pain!

Okay, I read way too much of Perez. but this is what he said about watching Twilight:

"We really liked it!

We didn't LOVE it, but it was more than "so so" and just a "like."

The chick that plays Bella was super annoying but Robert Pattinson definitely lives up to the hype. He carries the film - in more ways than one.

We wish the movie was a bit longer, though. But they probably left us wanting more on purpose.


This is Alison: Kristin really was awful/annoying. I don't know that I would say Rob carried the film, but then again, if not him, who? He was by far better than Kristin, and I know he could do better if give a chance/better director. Cheers.

2 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Jes said...

i liked kristin- i truly believed she was bella.

Anonymous said...

yeah.. she is a little akward.