Monday, November 17, 2008

Rob Quote of the Day

"My attitude from the beginning has been, 'If you start failing, do not start going on reality TV shows.'"

Now I have to say, I WOULD watch a Rob reality series- just to see how people react to his wackiness in everyday dealings.

7 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Anonymous said...

i like that philosophy!! and i just got a Edward poster in my room!!!!! AAAAAAHHHH!! i am so happy (cuz' i am a total nerd:)

Michco said...

haii everyone, i found ur site while i was googleing on the web and i think its pretty cool =]
can i join in with the fun?

Kari said...

Of course! Welcome!

Michco said...

yay thanks =]

Anonymous said... here! I love your blog! Just wanna share our site for Twilight Stuff--we support worthy causes with our proceeds so please check us out at! Thanks! Love the quote! If only all guys would say stuff like he does--even though this isn't a sweet one it is still really great and funny!

Anonymous said...

hi micho!! i am Grimm, as you know i am an other twilight fanatic!! but sadly not aloud to be a blogger:(

Pinkchan said...

is too bad, I think it will be an awsome reality show, it could be

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