Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baddie Quote of the Day

Q. What was the filming process like? Were there any "embarrassing" mistakes that you or the other actors made?

The first day of rehearsal, we did the baseball confrontation scene. And we were just getting a feel for each other as a group of actors, and improvising lines to loosen up, and when Carlisle asked me if I was good at baseball, I said "does a baby eat candy". Which made NO sense. I tried to cover and say "no, no, what I really said was does a baby taste like candy" but the damage was done and everyone was in stitches laughing. I think the line, "does a baby TASTE like candy?" is a really creepy line. Sometimes accidents breed great moments.

taken from THIS interview with Edi Gathegi from INSPIRE magazine.

2 enjoyed the bouquet.:

heatheryruth said...

Ya know...he seems like a cool guy! (Guess we had some trouble over the weekend? The posts weren't making any sense! hehe!) Oh well! So does everyone have their tickets for the show?! it's SOOOO close! Yippee!

Anonymous said...

o_O whoah. Babies taste like candy? I heard that on another show, except the show was "Bones" and the were dealing with a cannibal...

too much said?