Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This Twilight Stuff Is Getting Out Of Control on BWE

This made me LOL crap out my nose.

"Now, let’s be honest, if Robert Pattinson were 10 feet away from me, and there were, say, three, four, or even twenty teenage girls between him and me, I cannot guarantee that I would not resort to violence in order to close the gap. He’s the pied piper, playing his vampirey tune, luring all our girls and women to his lair in a Hot Topic - so that we might touch his flesh and smell his lingering DNA on the Hello Kitty diary he signed."

Read the rest here: This Twilight Stuff Is Getting Out Of Control

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Jes said...

that's fantastic!

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OME i'm not the most obsessed person out there! or maybe i am..