Monday, November 24, 2008

The SVC is dying to know...

...what our lovely Grimm and Z-Z thought of the movie. You are the key demographic. So, what did you think? Did your parents approve?

36 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

yes! please tell us!

Anonymous said...

well we LOVED it!!! and you were right, it was Cheesy!!! like the sparkel efects for exampel!!! they made like shimmering noises. :D

but yes we LOVED it i yelped when you first saw edward, and Z~Z pretended i was not there:( give me a break!! she loved it too!!

my mom liked it and she started reading the series!! yay!! best night of our lives! :D

heatheryruth said...

Yay! So glad you guys FINALLY got to see it and were happy with what you saw!! Now we get to look forward to the SEQUELS! hehe!

alison said...

haha, so glad you liked it. Corinne and Ryah really liked the sparkle sound effects too (I on the other hand, didn't even notice... damn.)

Maggie said...

haha yay I'm glad you guys liked it! I do have to say that I was pumped about seeing the sparkle effect and I was sorely disappointed. I barely even noticed the sparkle itself, let alone heard the sparkle sound effect.

Anonymous said...

ya, it was weird because the sparkles were like blue and pink.o_o but yeah, LOVED IT!! :)

i am glad that you are glad about me being...glad!!

Corinne said...

You are funny, Grimm. I am glad you liked the movie. I am also happy that Ryah and I weren't the only ones that picked up on the sparkle sound effect. I could handle the sparkles, but the sound effect made it a bit cheesy. Oh well.

Hurray for being happy!

Anonymous said...

ya, every one in the theater laughed sooo hard!!!! and web also LOVED Billy's face when he drove past Edward!! >8( ha ha !!!

Pinkchan said...

YAY the fan base is happy, well 2 days a go I got a mail from an old on line friend that I have been pushing to read twilight, she is about my age (so 20 something)telling me that she saw the movie and loved it and is going to buy the book to read it, I was so happy cause I have been thinking that people who haven´t read the books will not like it or understand it, she prove me wrong :D

Anonymous said...

Sorry it took me so long! i haven't been able to get on the computer lately without getting pulled somewhere else before the stupid internet browser will open.

as grimm said, i did love it. they left out a lot though. ex. biology incedent, 20 questions, the line "if you repeat this i will cheerfully beat you to death (i ♥ that line), gym "hows your head", Lauren (did anyone else notice she wasn't in the movie at all?) etc, etc. They did add some things though, but they (the parts) didn't make up for it.

my favorite parts were probably when Edward came over and offically introduced himself as the "boyfriend" because of Charlie's reaction, after the van almost killed Bella because (again) of charlie's reaction, and when Billy and Jake came over to watch the came and Billy said "And Jake's been bugging me to see you again, Bella." then Jake is standing there "Thanks dad, thankis a lot". Although the next line was also funny, "Just keeping it real son." from billy.

here's a few of my complaints-
-Mike wasn't clingy enough
-they left out the above mentioned parts
-the sparkle's were waaay cheesy (that isn't really a complaint though, it was very funny)

that's about it.

And Billy's face was pricless!! we used to call it a fish face but now we(grimm'n I) call it the Billy face.

Jasper was funny, as was Emmett. Jasper because he did look like he was in pain, in a roll on the floor way.

i'll tell more later... I'm getting kicked off the computer. i will tell why emmett was funny too.


Anonymous said...

kk i'm back... for a bit.

Emmett was so funny because of what he said and did. Here's some example's --

rose- Does she even like Italien Food?

Emmett- well her name's Bella!

--Bella walks in--
-- Emmett waves at hes with huge sharpe, dangerous looking knife --

and ya... i hve to go... again... i no, i always have to go but i do...


alison said...

nice to hear your opinion, z~z.

I agree-Jasper WAS funny. He looked crazy. like nutso-crazy.

Anonymous said...

"always in pain!!" lol!!!!!

Anonymous said...

lol agreed!

i liked the part when Jessica says: "Jaspers the one who always looks like he's in pain." and then he walks past, looking in pain/constipated. I got a kick out of knowing that even though Jessica was whispering, they (the vamps) could hear everything she siad, especialy scince some things wern't to nice.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...







alison said...

aw, that sucks z~z. if you miss it tomorrow, you should look on the stations website--sometimes they post clips of interviews and such (obviously depending on the station) .

Anonymous said...

i heard it probbibly cuz i got up early. o_o my brother just kicked my butt at a snow ball fight!!! and i am SOAKED!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha sucker... ... ... ... ... ... why am i suddenly not looking forward to when we next see each other?

i could also check Ryan, sometimes he posts stuff on his site, and he's the one who does that the AT 40.

last note - grimm, we really have to get together to work on that stupid 'radio commercail' for english. It's due Wednsday and we haen't started. then we have to get together with R some where and write up the script and film part of our commercail... and all that has to be in french and is due not this week but next week. ugg.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I totally did NOT pick-up on the sparkle effect part, but you are right Z-Z, they left out a lot of things. Also, Edward never really fought James like that in the movie. I still enjoyed it, though the whole intense relationship part wasn't as apparent in the movie, as it was in the book.

Final Verdict: The book is better, and forever will be.

o_o =) =D <3 <3

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you said Torn between Edward and Jacob.

your name's a bit of a mouthful so do you mind if I just say TBEAJ?

Anonymous said...

what is that supost to mean Z~Z!!?

it is getting annoying!!! you keep trashing me via web site!!

Anonymous said...

no, seriously!! can't you just CALL!
jeesh! and yeah i HATE the "23 projects at once" in school!!

Anonymous said...

kk. i was randomly searching for name meanings and i came across the name Edward and my curiosity got sparked and this is what I found -

Edward - guardian of properity
Bella - Beauty
Jasper - Treausurer
Alice - Noble
Emmett - Hard Working
Rosalie - Rose
Esme - Kind defender
Carlisle - Carl's Island
Jacob - held by the heel
Billy - resolute guardian
Charlie - Strong
Renee - reborn
Seth - appointed one
Sam - to hear
Leah - weary
Paul - small, little

and that's when i got memory block.

Anonymous said...

grimm - my phone wasn't availible for the most part of the night and i hate calling people's houses. i'm always afraid i'll get the wrong number. and i'm not trashing you.

any who... staying on topic...

i was reading over my last comment and some of them kinda describe the character.

ex. Esme, Charlie.

a few are almost the oposite of the character or make almost no sense.

ex. Paul, Carlilse, Jacob.


Anonymous said...

k, i've heard Taylor on the AT 40... now I'm just waiting for Robb to come on.

Anonymous said...

yeah the Carlilse made NO sence!! that was funny

mo said...


carl's island?

but esme's name fits pretty well (in my opinion anyway)


debra-- said...

hey guys :)
you probably don't know me but I finally get to see Twilight here in Australia in 10 days
I am so excited. I am glad that a lot of people are liking it because it would suck if it did bother people.
I'll let you know what I think when I see it

see ya guys :)

Anonymous said...

watch for sparkels!!!

Maggie said...

What happened to question of the day? I miss that.

heatheryruth said...

Me too Maggie! Things sure have been quiet! Hope all is well with all you SVC'ers!

Ginger @ GReads! said...

I was very curious to find out what they'd do with the sparkle effect in the movie. And I have to agree, it was VERY cheesey! I couldn't help but laugh. It annoyed me a bit too because that was suppose to be one of the most intense moments between Bella & Edward.. and there I am LAUGHING! Oh well.

I also couldn't help but laugh everytime Jasper was on screen. I almost had to walk out of the theater because I couldn't control myself! I kept thinking of Edward Scissorhands!!! hahaha

There were too many moments in the movie that I felt embarassed? not sure how to describe it. But my reaction was to laugh. I definietly agree.. the book is WAY better!

Ryah said...

Ginger, I agree with you. Many times i couldn't even watch because it was so embarrassing.

Anonymous said...


grimm'n i r going to see it again on Friday with another of our freinds. she thinks it's the best movie EVER and now she's reading the books.

Kaitlyn said...

i completely agree with Z~Z and ginger about everything they said!