Saturday, November 22, 2008

The day after- what's being said:

I go to Pink is the New Blog as well as Perez and here is what Trent had to say:

I was VERY surprised at how much I liked the cast. It was weird seeing the characters in the flesh … and I honestly felt that every character was properly realized. Kristen Stewart makes a perfect Bella Swan, I think. For me, she nailed this part. Robert Pattinson was a very good Edward, I think. Some folks thought he was cheesy but most of the way that Edward acts in the book is cheesy (and, it must be said, that R. Pattz’s hair has never looked better, like, ever … I will say, tho, that Edward in the film looked like Brandon Walsh from Beverly Hills, 90210 circa 1993 while his voice sounded like Luke Perry, same time period.). In fact, I found most of the books very cheesy in that teen romance sort of way … the movie did a very good job of honoring that tween cheesiness. Those of you who find fault in corny aspects of the movie have to look to the book to place blame. I was worried that the dazzling scene would be really bad but they ended up handling it very well. Sure, Edward looked like a go-go boy dancer waring too much body glitter at Studio 54 but it was apropos for the scene, I think. While I can’t speak for anyone else, my gut tells me that the folks who do not like the film merely love the book so much that nothing could measure up. As, I think, an objective reader/watcher who isn’t overly swayed by emotion, I found that the movie did a great job of bringing the book to life. My only complaint with the film lies with the music … the music used thruout the movie was horrible! So bad. The only bit of music I liked was Edward’s piano playing … the garish guitar motif that kept popping up thruout the film was annoying.

Jes: I love the 90210 comparison! I think that overall, looking at blogs and such, that we've all found faults with the film - but most also found the good in it too - being that it is the book and really that is where the cheese factors come in. Yay - I agree with Perez, definitely more sequels are to come - the intended age market for the film is loving it and will go back for more and more it seems.

2 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Anonymous said...

I haven't exactly seen the movie yet, but i know from reading all the books, that it has to have some decency.
PS my name is christine and i love my mental image of edward. even tho f****d up his eyes edward in my mind he will always be yummy.
* =) *

Mandy said...

I completely agree with this review. I was pleasantly surprised at the casting in the movie. I have been really apprehensive about getting too excited, but I thought most of the actors brought the characters to life in a great way. Even Edward and Jasper did a great job despite looking robotic in the still shots released prior to the movie.