Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lifesize Cardboard Edward

Ohhhh Jeeeessssssssssss... lookie at what I found today!

You can go bid for it here.

7 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Jes said...

Ahhhh! Ladies, we may have a date for the movie!

Anonymous said...


BTW, I was shopping with my dad and I saw a magazine that I really wanted. It was an "O.K." mag ui think and one of the subtitles on the front page was this::


and beneath that was a pic of RPatz. it looked like he was at some red carpet event or something.

apperantly my parents have been seeing trailers on TV so tonight i'm staying in front of the TV until i see one. the other day i watched TV until the "call this number for a great time" commercails with the girls with the HUGE boobs came on, and I didn't see one. :-(

couch... here i come!

alison said...

aw, z~z, you're always good for an early evening laugh ;)

Anonymous said...

tell me about it!
you don't have to catch the bus with her!! jk, yeah she makes me laugh to :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

How do you make an angry face? I really don't know how to do it. :-(

Anyways, the reason I need to know is because my parents sent me to bed at 9:30, even though I fell asleep around 11 11:30... And i wasn't even watching TV, I was on the computer searching for fanfics and reading them! I no i said i'd watch tv, but me dad was watching football and refused to change the channal.

I didn't see them slapping each other on the butt even when one team got a touchdown. (srry, inside joke between grimm'n'I)

ps- I had found the pefect "Decode" video, but Warner Bro's had it taken down because of "copy right material"!!!

7 more days till the movie comes out, do da, do da, 7 more days till the movie comes out, do da do da day.

Kaitlyn said...

u r funny, Z~Z.

Anonymous said...

ah ha!! butt...SLAP!! :^)
ome, that was a funny health class!!! ooohhhh, anyways why would you want proof by staring closely at their butts??
whateveski. and i had a baby-sitting job last night, and mist the cast of Twilight on much music!

But "copy right material" IT'S PAROMORE FOR GODS SAKES!!!!!!!
God, that sucks ALOT!! man, copy rights have ruined sooo much stuff in the past. and now it ruined a PARAMORE VIDEO!!?? come on!!!
this makes me want to go on strike!
jk, i do NOT have the guts to do that.