Monday, November 10, 2008

This made me laugh.

This will only be funny if you watch the show. Or know who these people are...but here goes.

I was watching E!'s Daily 10, and there was an interview with the Twilight cast (really no new material from what we've seen, but Rob looked goooood. So did Cam... And Victoria.) Ben Lyons made a very interesting comparison that Edi Gathegi agreed with:
Sal Masekela:

Edi Gathegi in a wig as Laurent:

Who knew Sal was a vampire?

3 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

haha. I used to watch that show but don't anymore...

sal was the only one i could stand ;)

Maggie said...

hahahaha agreed. I watch that show every time I get the chance. Ben Lyons would say that.

Anonymous said...

yaaaa... I don't get it.