Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nightly News Search

I've been having fun searching for Twilight news articles lately. here's the new stuff tonight:

Seacoast Online posts yet another scathing article about the EW cover. My favorite quote, which I absolutely agree with is this: "But it's the empty, lifeless expressions that really kill it. This is supposed to be a story about passion and forbidden love. Where is it?"

for what appears to be the most awesome Breaking Dawn event ever!

A little info about the Inn
(did you know Charlie Chaplin and FDR were once guests there?) includes some (not very exciting) video.

2 enjoyed the bouquet.:

heatheryruth said...

Wow! Alision you are on TOP of all the news clips! Totally awesome! Thanks for all the updates!!

Jes said...

Alison- It's been so great to come back from vaca to all this Alison sluthing! Thanks, I feel caught up because of you!

and alittle bragging and fyi- In the Seacoast article it mentions Mary GradPre , the Harry Potter Illustrater- That't my friend Megan's Step-mother.