Sunday, July 27, 2008

Twilight Movie Calendar

I was out of town Friday through Saturday, so I forgot to check the mail - doh! I just finished gawking over the Twilight movie calendar I'd preordered through Borders.

I love it - I'm sure someone will scan the photos and post them somewhere; I'll bring it to the next SVC meeting. There's a great prom pic of Bella and Edward (and several others of the two I love), a HOTT pic of Carlisle (yessss!) and a cool one involving Billy, Charlie and Jacob (and Jacob's hair looks good. Whew!). There's one of just Rosalie and Emmett, so I was disappointed there isn't one of just Alice and Jasper. But oh well - they ARE in one pic with Edward.

Just thought I'd share!

4 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

What? No Alice and Jasper? Bah. There are some pictures from the calendar on here.

Erin said...

Yup, that's all of them! Awesome!

I won't bring the calendar, then, unless someone wants to see it. But these are all the exact pics, front and back covers included.

Jes said...

I think I may go get one tmrw!!

Jes said...

I got mine!!!