Friday, July 4, 2008

Question of the Weekend (4th of July Style)

We all know the Cullens like to partake in the great American pastime of baseball and spend time with the fam. As we celebrate the 4th with our friends and families this weekend, I ask this question:

What is your favorite American pastime?
How will you be spending your weekend?

4 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

favorite american pastime--overindulging in pizza and drinks.

weekend--I think we are haning out with nates fam today... Dont know what we are doing. possibly swimming at a community pool. I hope not watching fireworks. Tomorrow, nothing, but apparently, Sunday we are going to Michigan with Nate;s parents. To a beach, I think. ?

Corinne said...

fav. Being on the lake or at the pool lounging (and skinny dipping at night when the conditions are right!)

I'm going trampolining today and swimming (with my clothes on) then out to a wedding shower this weekend.

Erin said...

Fave American pastime - baseball. Hands down. Go Twins!

I also love fireworks for the 4th. I esp. loved them when I was young b/c they meant my birthday was coming soon. :-) And now where we live, we have a great show right off of our deck. Anything free and that low-effort is OK with me!

Matt and I were up at his parents' last night (they live on a lake in northern MN where he grew up) and they set off fireworks over the lake. It was fun but buggy. Better today when we went pontooning before we left. We're just hanging out at home for the rest of the weekend, which makes me happy.

Happy 4th!

heatheryruth said...

Fave pastime...BBQ-ing and going to a beach!

Our 4th Tradition since I was tiny (that has conitinued now as I have my own family) is going to the 4th of July parade in Forest Lake, followed by lunch at Pizza Hut! Evenings are always kinda free for whatever

This year We had a fire in our back yard and set up our new tent and cooked over the fire! My Hubby and eldest daughter camped out in the tent (it was her first camping "experience") So that was fun!

Today it's chilling out for the day and going to a wedding reception this evening!