Thursday, July 31, 2008

Question Of The Day

You may love Edward. You might love Jacob. I just want to hear your top 5 reasons for loving the character you love.

8 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ryah said...

Ode to Jacob:

1. Loyal
2. Passionate
3. Mechanical
4. Awesome
5. Really good looking
6. Warm
7. Funny
8. Awesome
9. Tall
10. Awesome
11. Loving
12. Mysterious, in his own ways
13. Man in charge
14. Awesome
15. Daring, sense of adventure
the list goes on...

Kari said...

Five Reasons I Love Edward:

1. Romantic
2. Loyal
3. Dangerous
4. Smrt
5. Seriously HOTTT!

Jill Berry said...

I heart Jacob:
1.Willing to take chances in love and wear his heart on his sleeve.
2.That cute grin Bella describes.
3.He's Loyal and Protective.
4. His sarcasm.
5. Everything about him physically..tall, dark & handsome!!

Maggie said...

1. Selfless
2. Loyal
3. Intelligent
4. Great listener
5. His world revolves around Bella, who could resist that??
6. and, his crooked smile

Jes said...

Luving Ed:

1. Loves with a passion
2. Attentive
3. He's complex
4. Sarcastic/Humorous
5 Family Man
6. Musical
7. Beautiful, and the crooked smile
8. Compassionate
9. He's not perfect, owns up to it
10. This is the big one, he could save me from a crashing plane. ( I am terrified of planes)

marsbarsM&M's said...


1. He can still be human Jacob when he needs to be
2. When Edward left Bella, Jacob put her first, even before himself
3. Knows that Bella can stand her ground, not overprotective
4. Of course, that adorable smile and personality
5. He doesn't hide his imperfections from Bella, he just is who he is

Anonymous said...

i like them both

1. knows that bella can take care of herself
2. funny
3. i love his sarcasum
4. warm
5. he lets bella do crazy things that edward would never let her do

1. Smart
2. georgeous
3. romantic
4. seems to know what is best for bella
5. selfless
6. puts bella first
7. will keep bella safe at all costs!!

alison said...

1. Warm. I mean, like physically warm. I dont warm up. This is not an exaggeration.
2. Awesome smile; like sunshine. I need that.
3. Beautiful face. Beautiful skin.
4. Handy with the tools
5. runs around nekkid
6. Generous and thoughtful
7. Sweet and courteous
8. a good friend.
9. I just think that everything about Jacob is awesome. he is the best ever.