Monday, July 14, 2008

Question of the Day

I will never forget how in Eclipse, (side note: oh crap!! I just went to find a quote, but I think my husband packed it for the big move!!! what was he thinking--I need it!) Anyway, I will never forget how in the infamous tent scene, Edward and Jacob both kind of admitted how if circumstances were different, they might actually like one another enough to be friends.

****************Mini Spoiler regarding 1st Chapter of Breaking Dawn, if you haven't read it, skip this part***************

In the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, Bella says that Edward and Seth have become friends, and that Seth is even coming to the wedding, and calls Alice by name.

***************Spolier Over*************************

So my question is this: What do you think it will take for Edward/the vamps to reconcile with Jacob/the wolves? Do you think it is possible? Would Eddie and Jake ever be able to be friends, or is it only possible for the larger group?

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heatheryruth said...

I think the Vamps are more than willing to extend the hand of peace! They have proved that over and over! It's the Wolves that are so reluctant to let go! I think in order for Ed and Jake to ever truly get past the feelings Jake needs to imprint on someone so that he can truly understand Bella and Edward's connection!

Maggie said...

I agree. It seems like the Wolves are just too stuck in their ways to consider being friends with the Vampires. I think they can work together to accomplish things, but not really as friends, just allies. Hopefully they will come together in the end, but that won't happen without some major drama (like in Eclipse).
But I do not think Edward and Jacob will be friends because Jacob cannot accept Edward the way Edward can him.

Erin said...

I agree, Heather and Maggie, that the pack is more resistant. But I don't think that those besides Carlisle and Edward are that eager to be "friends," either...though they certainly seem more accepting. Maybe because they know it's important to Bella and they are closer to Bella than the pack is?

Also, I guess I can see how it'd be harder for Jake than Edward, just since Edward "won"'s a double blow for Jacob - he not only lost the girl he loves, but lost her to someone he is designed to hate and hunt. That'd be ROUGH.

Overall, I think there is hope...if Jacob imprints. Jacob will always love Bella (and she'll always love him - she just loves Edward more), but if he imprints, then he won't be alone and will probably mature quite a bit about the situation.

Ryah said...

I think it's possible that they could all be friends, but the likelihood of that happening is pretty low.

Jes said...

I think they will all be friends- or atleast better allis (allys? allies?) and ban together to fight the evil that will be comming in some form. Also, I hope Jacob imprints in this book!!!

Corinne said...

I think that they are on their way to connecting now. vamps and wolves that is. I think they are realizing they have the same principles. They are looking more individually rather than globally. The Cullens are great and the wolves are great. They just need to realize that they can coexist.

As for Jacob and Edward, I think they have to come together if they want to be in Bella's life. It would, most def., be easier if Jacob imprinted, though.