Sunday, July 6, 2008

Twilight Song

Our favorite Twilight Guy, Kaleb Nation, has a great contest going on in search for the perfect song that encompasses the essence of Twilight. He held an initial voting round and has now narrowed it down to the top ten songs.

Take a look at his list here.

There are some great choices on the list - my personal faves are Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls and Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls.

This got me thinking - when SVC was formed back in April, we (especially Corinne) painstakingly went through all of our songs to compile our own soundtrack to Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. If we had to choose one song for each book, could we? What would it be? (We had a big plan to list our soundtracks on a sidebar link, but it hasn't happened yet - I might work on that today, though I don't know if I have the most updated lists.) Just curious, SVC Coven Leaders, and just wanted to give the shout-out to Kaleb for the great poll.

5 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Anonymous said...

SVC Should get a profile just for themselves^^ That'd be awesome!
My pick for a song to represent all three of the books would be 'Early sunsets over Monroeville' by My Chemical Romance

Ryah said...

On the newest playlist (at least the one I have) we have Flyleaf, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Leona Lewis.

I like these songs, but it's hard to pick out just one song to represent all the books.

My faves per book:

Straylight Run-Existentialism on Prom Night

(New Moon)
A Fine Frenzy-Near to You

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-Your Guardian Angel, and Jimmy Eat World-Your House

Kari said...

Ohhh, I'll have to think about this.

I do really like "Near to You" for NM.

The rest of the books, I'll have to think about it. I love all our songs (except Bonnie Raitt...;)

Anonymous said...

Just hear me out everyone..
listen to these two songs, and tell me if you think they fit
Because I think they are near to perfect, and few people that I knwo have even heard of them
Please, just youtube them or somthing and see what you think

Twilight= Speechless by the Veronicas
New Moon= Smother me by the Used

Jes said...

Hi niki! will do- (after I am done with bd tonight... I know I am slow! its taking me a while for many reasons)
Thanks for posting! I'll post my new playlist songs!