Thursday, July 31, 2008

MSN Article about Twilight

Kinda interesting. Thoughts?


3 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

Honestly? I don't disagree with the author. I also don't really care, since I'm a thirty-yaer-old mother who knows better.

One needs to wonder -- should we be criticising books that has a ...weaker heroine or concentrate on the real threats on girls in our society? Like Paris H? Or CosmoGirl? Or MTV? Or sexist pop music? There are far more horrible things that affect our girls. I can't say that READING a book that has a male character that pressures a girl into marriage is a concern of mine.

Also, for the record, Bella chose to go to a lesser school. You can't blame that on Edward.

Ryah said...

I agreed with everything the 'pro' author said.

Some of the arguments that the 'con' author came up with, like Edward cares too much about wedding planning, and that makes him a bad role model? Really lame.

I liked the article, and it gets Twilight in the news!

Jes said...

I think the con author is a bit off her rocker.
I dont think Edward is much into the wedding planning at all- he'd be fine going to vegas. He wants the marriage. Wedding and marriage very different. Whats wrong with him wanting to make Bella an honest woman? I think its refreshing.