Friday, May 16, 2008

Another bitten customer!

Not even 2 chapters into Twilight, and my friend at work is totally smitten!

She is already planning trips to Forks and is in love with Robcedward (my nickname for Robert/Cedric/Edward)!

Ahhh, the power of Twilight...

6 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Ryah said...

Now we have to get all these people to join the SVC!

heatheryruth said...

Nice! Gotta love new recruits!! My Sister in law is TOTALLY hooked...gotta see if we can get her into SVC! hehe!

Erin said...

YAY! That's the best! I'm bringing Twilight this weekend for my brother-in-law's girlfriend to read (they are going to San Diego w/ us) - I hope she gets hooked! (I think she will - she's a huge HP fan and a sucker for romance.)

I also got a math teacher and a science teacher hooked here at school. The science teacher read all three in a week - she loved them - and the math teacher is already done with New Moon and I just gave it to him on Wednesday! He is going to go out to buy Eclipse this weekend b/c I don't have a copy to give him! :-)

I love spreading the Ed Word (like Good Word...get it??? haaaaa).

Kari said...

I've totally gotten Jill hooked on Twilight. She called me like five times on night to discuss the book.
She's in Greece reading New Moon. I can't wait for her to finish Eclipse! She's already said she wants to be SVC.

I know Corinne has converted some too.


Corinne said...

I wonder if we should start a bragging chart for a list of all of the people we've recruited to Twilight. It might be fun to have some healthy competition as well as track of our growing global domination!

I did recruit some people by proxy this last week. On grad school friend read my facebook and started the books and my hairdresser is reading them now because my mother told her what I was obsessed with recently and my hairdresser shares the same vampire affinity. I'm working on two co-workers at the moment!

alison said...

I don't try to talk to people about the books, or recruit them much, but... might I say that I caused a bit of you to read them?