Sunday, May 11, 2008

My family thinks I'm nuts.

I spent the weekend in Hayward with my family. They think I'm crazy, and are probably right. But you guys understand...I hope? Twilight Brain is nothing new.

Just a few reasons why they think so:

1. There was a Jacob Road. And I really, really wanted to take it. Who knows if it led to a Wisconsin La Push?

2. There was evidently a bear outside the cabin last night, and I wasn't afraid. Emmett would surely get it for me...

3. At the liquor store, there was a wine list on the wall, and right under the wine Bella Sera was Black Swan...I actually yelped seeing "Bella" and "Swan" so close together.

4. There were some deer hanging out near the window, and I was hoping to see Edward (a la the trailer).

5. Near the LCO Casino, there's a little gift shop called "Rosalie's."

There are several other reasons, mostly stemming from last night when I had too much to drink and was running my mouth about the books, but you get the gist. ;-) My sister (who's read all three books) and Matt (who's in the middle of Eclipse) were getting pretty annoyed with me.


In other news: I thought of a pretty good question for SM that I SO wish I would have thought of before the Q&A. I think it might have been asked. It deals with both the Twilight and The Host. I might message her on MySpace with it, even though I'm sure she won't have time to answer...but I think I'll wait until I'm done with The Host, as I have another question I want to ask about it but just want to ensure that it's not answered at the end of the book.

I started off this post thinking I wanted to share the first question, but now I'm not sure if it would spoil things for people...I'm only 200 pages into The Host (but I'm very addicted right now...should finish soon, I think). Maybe I'll just write it down and save it for later.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Those Puppet Master chapters were pretty good!! :-)

8 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Jes said...

erin- you are too funny!

1. I hope you bought a couple bottles of those wines!!!

2. I spent the day with my family in Rochester and brought my copy of The Host along (cause I am rereading it for the second times...yes, already!) AND, I was talking to my mom, aunt and grandma about Stepahnie and her books and they all just gave me glazed over looks and rolled eyes! errrrrr.... it is so frusterating. Every time I said vampire or parasite they laughed at me.

Kari said...

Erin - this post is hilarious! And totally what I'm like too. Wisconsin La Push!

My non-twihard friends laugh at me but secretly I'm pretty sure they think I've lost my damn mind.

Erin said...

I so should have bought the wine...but didn't. I got a big ol' bottle of vodka instead (oops).

I'm glad I'm not alone in losing my mind! :-) But sorry you had to deal with the eye-rolling too, Jes!

And this was funny...usually every morning Matt watches Saved by the Bell and Sports Center in the living room with Lucy (our dog) while I'm getting ready, but I came out of the bathroom to find him with his nose in Eclipse - he's reading about Jasper's history and I had to tear him away from it last night at about midnight! He's finally hooked! SUCCESS!!!!

heatheryruth said...

Yeah, I've had to rein myself in around my family too! They all think I'm goofy for going so ga-ga over book! (I of course just say...hey you guys did all that for the Harry Potter books!)

I did get my big bro to give The Host a try though!! He like Sci-Fi stuff!

I also got my Sister in Law hook on the Twilight at least I hae ONE family member that is as in love with them as me!

Hey Maybe La Push Wisconsin is near me! hehe!

Corinne said...

It's fun to see vampires everywhere.

But hard to justify yourself to others. Jes and I had to defend the books to our college friends the other night. It's hard not to preface everything with "You'll think I'm crazy, but....."

Thank God for the SVC! Be Crazy! Life is better that way!

Jes said...

I agree! my life is way better with all you in it now!

Erin said...

Mine too! I heart SVC!

alison said...

Yeah, I agree, its hard to explain the draw to others.

The subject came up on its own last weekend, SIL worked in a library kids program last year. Still, she thinks she is like the smartest woman ever, and I could tell she was just placating me and thinking I'm an idiot. I wanted to shout at her and tell her that I am very smart and she is the idiot, but I just calmly ate my salad and continued to ramble about SM and how y'all were going to the book signing...