Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fanfic - First Light

Here's one I got hooked on tonight...referred through Twilight Moms. It's done, so not one you'd need to subscribe to for updates.

It begins after Eclipse ends, so it's supposing what might happen in Breaking Dawn. I really like it, though I like the Alternative Universe ones better (when they are all human, or something like that, so I can keep them better separated in my mind).

First Light

(Now, if I can tear myself away from it - I'm only halfway done - I'll get back to labeling!)

5 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

I am so behind in my fanfic. So many unread in my inbox. I will have to check this out... later.

heatheryruth said...

Wow! I haven't read many fanfics...I don't wanna end up ruining the actual story ya know?!

Is started this one this afternoon and I'm a little over halfway done! I like it! I just like that it happens the way I want it to...which may not be the case in the real story!

Erin said...

I know...that's why I usually stay away from "real" fanfic - I like the kind when they're human or whatever and it's a completely different story.

This one is fun, though! :-) It's pretty well-written, too, which is usually my beef with fanfic. If there are typos everywhere I can't concentrate...the English teacher in me :-/

heatheryruth said...

Yeah I hear ya about the typos! the few I tried to read I didn't care for cuz the "tone" of the characters was too off! This one does a pretty good job! There are 2 I read on the TM site that are REALLY good too! I think they were by an amy16 or something like that!

heatheryruth said...

Wow...finally finished it! I liked it, I like that they go more into the future beyond the "expected" things to happen in BD! Thanks for the heads up on it!!