Monday, May 19, 2008

If Edward / Jacob Were Human

Would you love him less?

I lean towards no (EDIT: it said yes earlier, I meant no) ...but part of the attraction is the danger-factor and the obstacles Bella / Edward have to overcome to be together.


4 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

Edward--Probably, part of the reason we love him is because we can't help it...He was made that way. Plus the danger factor and all that.

Jacob--He still is human so there! ...I always loved Jacob, before I even knew he was a wolfie. ;)

Ryah said...

Edward-I think yes. If he wasn't able to do all the superhuman things, well, maybe he wouldn't be as dazzling?

Jacob-Yes, as well. I really liked Jacob before he turned into a wolf, but I also believe he got way more interesting after he changed.

I don't want to dwell too much. I love them both!!!

Erin said...

When I saw this post in my inbox, Jacob was cut off at Jac and I immediately thought this may be a Jace-related question. I'm just past the Clary's birthday chapter and I looooove him. But I still love Simon, too.

But I digress. I really like the fanfics where Edward is human, so I think I'd still love him as long as he still had his charming characteristics. To me, Jacob is still human, and I love him, too.

Good question, though. I may need to think about it further...

Corinne said...

Edward is great, but the main part I am attracted to is him being vampire. I want to be a Vampire!!!!!!

I agree with Ryah. Jacob is mainly human, but he got more depth when he became a wolf. He's so cute when he snuggles to her as a wolf. But if he decided never to phase again, I'd be down with that. I HATE the smell of wet dog. Blech!