Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Here was my original e-mail to the SVC girls - thought we could discuss it here!

People, let me step outside my usual adoration of you all and say WTF?!? Where have you led me with these books? Alas, I am still trusting that it will get better. I didn't react like this for NM. I knew Edward would return. I don't know how I can get past incest, though, and I feel so icky for wanting Clary and Jace together. Thing is, you all unintentionally WILLED me to love Jace back when I only loved Simon. Though I probably would have started loving him on my own by the time they were in the greenhouse on Clary's birthday.

But I still trust you all.

I was LOVING...loving...the book until Valentine became everyone's dad. AGGHHH. I kind of figured he'd be Clary's, and for a brief moment in time, I contemplated if he'd be Jace's - even thinking that J.C. is Jace (kind like on how Full House D.J. Tanner was Deej, I thought to myself oh so innocently), and ... sob ...

OK, rant over. This e-mail is therapeutic, I'm actually starting to look forward to COA as I type.

Other thoughts:

1. Can we put together a playlist sometime for these? Are there any "I love my brother in an inappropriate way" kind of songs?

2. Kari - could we get the COB/COA font? I kind of want a tshirt that says "Jace is not MY brother..." or "SVC Vampires: Downworlders are Sexy" (I have several other ideas, but you get the point)

3. I kind of want a rune tattoo. But maybe just a henna one, since I'm a complete wuss and crybaby.

4. I read the COA dust jacket summary, and now I think I'm supposed to love Simon again. Hmph. I can't stop thinking of him as a rat-faced guy now, though, nor how he smelled like parking lot (according to Clary on her bday before she goes to the greenhouse with Jace).

5. I hate Hodge, possibly more than Valentine.

6. Isn't weird how COB werewolves heal fast, too? But I don't think their vampires are nearly as sexy as SM's, despite Clary noting that they were all good-looking. But vampires are always sexy, as Kari said.

6 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

Let me mirror your WTF thoughts! I was so mad when I found out they were brother and sister. I didn't even want to read COA but Corinne insisted I read it. I'm so glad I did.

1. I will start listening for City songs. I bet there are a lot of "I'm lovin' the wrong guy" type songs.
2. Looking for the font today!
3. I think we could totally post this on SVC! Although maybe with a spoiler alert. I don't think we have to limit ourselves.
4. Simon is more her brother to me than Jace. Simon is nice and all but ...not sexaaay like Jace. I don't even care if he's her brother. Hah.
5. I was thinking that Clary didn't notice how sexy the vampires are because she only has eyes for Jace. Because, no matter what, vampires are super sexy.
6. I don' know if I will be able to give these books back to Alison when she comes ;)

Kari said...

BTW: I FOUND THE COB/A FONT! It costs $59 but I was, uhm, able to get around the cost. Maybe today/tonight I can make some COB art!

heatheryruth said...

Geez...Guess I've been missing out! I've never heard of these books! Sounds like they have lots of good drama!! I might have to start reading...what's the first one?

Also, Just another fyi...I can make shirts and stuff! If ya wanna make some art and stuff, I'd be able to print em off and put them on shirts and stuff! Just let me know!!

Someone give me the heads up on the first book in this series!! :)

Erin said...

YAY, KARI for "getting around" the cost and getting the font! AWESOME!

Heather, the first book is City of Bones and the second is City of Ashes. Both are by Cassandra Clare. The third book, City of Glass, comes out next March (I think).

City of Bones was awesome, I have to say, despite some of the agony it put me through. You'll love them.

Kari said...

Yes -- they are so so good. I read them both in two days. Oops.

Ah! I forget about you and t-shirts! I like Erin's idea about SVC + City of Bones Combo shirts. We'll have to brainstorm some fun shirt ideas. First Heather, go get the books!! And read them! ;)

Anonymous said...

By the Angel, where did you find the font!?!? Can you please pass on the URL for the website?1? PLEASE!!!?!?