Friday, May 30, 2008

What Twilight character do you think you're most like?

Question of the day:

Which character from the Twilight series do you think you're most like? Why? In what ways?

To answer my own question, if I'm thinking of my high school-self, and I hate to say this, but Jessica Stanley. I wasn't the chatterbox she is, I don't think, nor was I as judgmental (though I think I'm less judgmental now that I know more about the world), but I did love the gossip, and I was always pining over boys who didn't like me back. Sad. And I always felt a little out of the loop.

I probably had some Bella characteristics too, I think - I was responsible and dependable, and probably got along with adults better than kids my own age at times.

Now, I don't know. I'd like to think I've become more Alice-like - excited about things, secure in my marriage, concerned for my family. But that's not really it. Maybe I need to think about it some more.

11 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

Good question, Erin!

I want to immediately say Alice. I always picture myself skipping around and giving people kisses on the cheek.

Of course, who we want to be and who we are aren't always the same thing.

I guess I'm a little bit of each character.

Bella: Sarcastic, occasionally self-conscience.
Rosalie: Snobby. Especially when I shop at Wal-mart for some reason.
Jasper: I feed off of other's people's emotions.
Emmett: Ok, no.
Esme: The mothering side.
Carlisle: Sometimes I feel like I'm 368 years old too.
Edward: Romantic, perfectionist, likes nice things.
Jacob: Family, motorcycles.

Erin said...

OK, Kari convinced me in another e-mail to change my decision.

See, I started reading that spoiler PDF she sent out and was about a page in when Corinne sent the e-mail saying we shouldn't, and so I stopped in my tracks.

Kari said I showed Edward-like restraint in tasting the blood (the spoiler) without killing (reading the whole thing). LOL. I am SO a morally righteous vampire.

Kari has a new answer for this reason too!

Kari said...

And I'm totally Jasper as I was unable to show restraint.

At least I'm hot. Right?

Ryah said...

Kari, maybe more Alice because she doesn't have much restraint either.

and you are hot.

I guess I would most be like Angela. Quietly awesome.

Kari said...

I totally read that as Angelina. I was like, "Angelina Jolie is in the book?"

Wow, I'm going crazy.

alison said...

I don't know.... Renee? flighty, intuitive, self absorbed...

Jes said...

I have always connected with Edward myself. I think that I love with alot of intensity like Edward, and I understand alot of his reasons and actions. Plus I am a huge romantic, in an odd way. I don't really go looking for it, but when I find it I hold on with all my might.

heatheryruth said...

I think I'm a cross between Alice and Bella! Alice because I'm overly exuberant! I do tend to jump around and act younger than my age! (although less jumping the further along I get in this pregnancy!)

Bella because I can be very self conscience and the same time! I think people don't notice me...and they tend to more than I believe!

I could probably throw in a little Edward as well as I'm not ever very happy with myself, looks or otherwise! (maybe not quite to the extent of Edward as I don't think I'm a monster!)

Anonymous said...

i would say i am a little like all the characters

Edward-stubborn, brave, smart
Alice-kind, friendly
Rosalie-a little stuck up sometimes
Jasper-i sometimes will feed off other peoples emotions
Esme-sweet and kind
Carlisle-helpful and caring
Jacob-love to have fun and care about my friends and family

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty shuree who im much like! :)

Bella- I'm deep, dependable, and respectful to my elders. I also think alot about things, most of the time. I'm really clumsy, can't say its all that great. We both almost think in sync.
Alice- I might be deep, but i am very cheerful and hyper like Alice, her outward appearance is much like mine- short, jumpy, fun.
Edward-uhh.. well, i cant help loving someone, even though i know i shouldn't.
Rosalie-sometimes ill give you attitude if you show me some:P
Emmett-We both will go for the fight:)
Jasper- we both have the emotion kind of thing.
Esme- I like kids:P and i always get motherly around younger ones.
Carlisle- I would help anyone, and if i were a vampir,e i too would train a sa doctor.
Jacob- We both have that fun side. plus, i like cars. i care alot about my family.

Anonymous said...

Renesmee Carlie Cullen says...

I guess i am also kind of all of them (even the werewolves).

Edward- Brave and smart.
Bella- Clumsy and shy.
Alice- Outgoing and a little hyper.
Carlisle- I treasure life of others.
Esme- I am very motherly-protective
Jasper- I always know how someone is feeling.
Emmet- I am funny and can make a joke out of pretty much anything.
Rosalie- I can be very stuck up and snotty.
Jacob- I love to fight and ride motorcycles. I am friends with someone who doesnt feel the same way.
Renesmee- I can show people how I see things without talking.
Sam- I am very protective of my family.
Quil- I think that being in a group is cool. Especialy if I am in on a secret.
Paul- I loose my temper easily- If the reason is good enough.
Seth- I dont judge others until I give them a chance to prove themselves to me.
Leah- I am protective of younger siblings and can be a snot.
And last but not least I am Angela.
Angela- I am shy but kind. I do not bug people about anything they are not comfortable with. I am tall and have a boyfriend shorter than me.

I am alot of people in this book but i am just weird like that....


see ya l8ter