Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blue Bloods

Oh, man. I am SO hooked on another series.

I started Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz yesterday, and finished it today. It's awesome. It has quite a few similarities to COB/COA, except Jack isn't as hot as Jace (yet, anyway), and in my opinion, Oliver is waaay hotter than Simon. If we're comparing characters. Which, they seem to take similar roles in the novel.

The books have the setting (NY, NY) in common, the nightclub opening, the close girl/boy friendship, the too-intimate sibling relationship, and similar ideas of Claves/conclaves - leaders who run the covens, really.

This book is much more vampire-y than COB/COA but has much less about other magical creatures (nothing, really). It's set in present-day Manhattan, but has a cool historical twist in that the Puritan arrival in Plymouth and the lost colony of Roanoke are weaved in. I don't want to say any more about that, though - I don't want to spoil anything.

I highly recommend you all read it - I want someone to discuss it with! Couple things of note - I didn't realize that it was a series. I now have Masquerade, the second book, on reserve at the library (though I might have to buy these), and the third book, Revelations, comes out in October. So at least we won't have to wait long!! YAY!!!

Also, I wish I would have known that the main character's, Schuyler, name was pronounced Skylar. I finally looked it up halfway through the book when Oliver kept calling her "Sky." I had been erroneously pronouncing it "Shooler" in my head. Like rhymes with "Bueller." Evidently Schuyler is the Dutch (original) spelling of the name. Which makes more sense, once you read the book and figure out all of the history and stuff.

Weirdest thing - the author keeps referencing Muse's "Time is Running Out" in the novel. Muse must really inspire vampire authors! ;-)

Anyway, I really enjoyed it. Thought I'd share!

10 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

thanks erin! maybe I will have to just buiy that one cause like twenty million have it on hold at the library...

I'm working on "dead girls dance" the second morganville vamp book by rachel caine and its pretty good too.

Kari said...

Ohh! I need something to read up at the cabin next week. Thanks!

Erin said...

You might want to pick up Masquerade, too, so you're not left hanging like I am! ;-)

I'm starting Marked now. Finally. Only one mention of "ho" so far. Looking forward to more!

alison said...

there should be a marked "ho" drinking game... although how incredibly nerdy would it be for everyone to sit around reading and drinking???

Kari said...

lol! I'm in!

Jes said...

ha! reading and drinking game- love it, we could all read BD together and anytime we come across Edward, we drink!

I will def look into these books, I have been going into the book store alot recently looking for good vamp books. I picked up the first Morganville Vamp book, but having a hard time getting through it. Tell me its worth it Alison!

Did anyone read the TM book of the month this month? Memoires of a Teenage Amnesiac? It was really interesting.

alison said...

I really liked it, Jes, but thats not to say that you definitely will.

Jes said...

Al- Iam reading ink exchange, love it! I think it is written better than Wickedly lovely - I liked it, but this one I can't put down.

alison said...

thats funny; I liked wicked lovely way more than ink exchange. glad you are enjoying it!

Anonymous said...

ok that is so ironic
i am currently waiting for The Van Alen Legacy, the 4th book to the blue blood series, and i am also reading the Marked series, marked- betrayed- chosen, etc.