Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I may have accidently gotten a "soul name"

This past weekend when Ellen and I were hanging at the pool (ellen is one of the downs-syndrome gals I live with) I was lazily floating in the pool when the dog came over and started to lick my face. ellen thought this was hilarious, and started to call me "dog lick face girl" ....now this wouldn't normally be anything, but I immediately thought of how this sounded like a soul name and, she hasn't stopped calling me that for three days now.

A pic of me and ellen

7 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

Oh, so funny. Dog lick face girl.

I may have gotten one today, too...I had posted a sign on one of my bulletin boards that said "Stop writing here...I'm watching. - Mrs. K" with a pair of sneaky-looking eyes drawn next to it (the board is by student desks and I keep having to erase the little conversations they have on it). Well, one of the smart asses who sits by it got to it when I wasn't looking and wrote ON the sign "Really?" and then added "ill" to my name, making me "Mrs. Kill." AGGHHHHHHH!

Ryah said...

"Dog lick face girl."

Reminds me of when Jacob licked Bella's face. Interesting... :)

Jes said...

true, so true... I am on a new moon kick at the moment.

alison said...

love it jess!

erin, your story reminds me of how my cousin marty made me a birthday card in high school that said "S.W.A.K. Sealed with a kiss." Then he crossed out the "Kiss" and wrote "kill." classic marty.

anyway, I have a remnant from last karaoke that kari wrote that says "My Soul Name: Nice Lips."

...pretty sure thats ryah's fault ;)

Corinne said...


Corinne said...

my soul name when we were at como zoo was "hates kids". Ooh, those kids were horrible!

heatheryruth said...

That's a GREAT! Soul name HAHA! Too fun!!