Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm officially Bella

I tried to make this post last night, but it got f*ed up, so I quit.

I thought Jasper deserved to be here on the SVC blog. And to let you know that I have really channeled Bella--even the parts I did not want to. Mainly her propensity for crashes. I've had two already. (One minor parking slip up and one on a real motorcycle while taking my classes) Of course nether were as bad as Bella's--I didn't need any stitches. But I was kind of disappointed in myself. I thought you'd have to be a moron to be so reckless and crash a bike (and of course, I don't consider myself a moron). But, alas, I did. However I will say, that I am now officially trained (even took a class) and feel totally competent on Jasper. That is more than Bella can say.

I sadly, though, have yet to Edward's voice. But I think that is because Jasper is keeping me calm, confident and happy. I love riding the bike.

So here are some of the awesome pictures. Beware that some of them are of the wounds.

Me and Jasper

Results of the motorcycle crash

Results of the parking incident (that bruise is on my leg, behind my knee.)

5 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

I'm so excited to see Jasper's official presentation on SVC! I also love your comment about Jasper keeping you calm. Of course!

Erin said...

Oh, I love Jasper. But am slightly scared of him. Which makes sense, since he's Jasper. And he's already taken a few snaps at you...

:) I'm really glad Jasper's on SVC!

Ryah said...

So jealous...

Jes said...

oh my f-ing gawd corinne! I can't believe those bruises! Glad you are okay!

Since I can channel Edward, he says you are one "tight" biker chick! Though he doesn't want me too get near you when you are on that thing ;) (he's always looking out for me).

heatheryruth said...

Oh My! I'm glad that you're ok! Those look Aweful!!

I like Jasper! (Don't know how I'll like th movie portrayal of him though!) He just strikes me as the type that goes with the flow....but doesn't take crap from people when it comes to those that he cares about!!

I'd actually like to see a book that deals more with him and Alice!!