Friday, June 27, 2008

Question about City of Ashes (Spoiler)

(City of Ashes being the second book in the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare)

I re-read the series (well, two books), and I have lots of questions, but the one I want to ask is...

Do you think Simon can be out in the daylight because he drank all that Shadowhunter blood?(well, Jace's blood. And Jace is.. you know... special)
or do you have other theories?

Also, who do you think Jace is, really?

12 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Jes said...

most definately- simon can be in the sun because of Jace.
Who is Jace? i am not sure now, I thought he was an Angel, because of Clary's dreams... but now I've learned that guy is the new character with the wings... so i am not sure.

Kari said...

Who is Jace? My soul mate. One thing is for sure, he's not Clary's brother. Or else I'm voting incest.

I never even thought about Simon's ability to be in the sun! Good theory, Alison.

Erin said...

I like the Simon theory. Hadn't thought of that.

I had some theories about Jace right after I read the book, but it's been over a month now so they're escaping me. And I lent the books to my sister. Hmph.

Mostly I just looked for ways that Clary and Jace could be together. Like, Luke is really Clary's father and Jace's mother (and here's where it gets fuzzy) is that one chick that Valentine was supposedly having an affair with who died at 9 months pregnant? Maybe??

But I'm with you, Kari. I don't care either way. Incest is fine. They're hot together. ;-) It's all VC Andrews-style. (And Days of Our Lives, style, if anyone else watches! I just started watching for the summer again and HELLO... Max is Stephanie's UNCLE (albeit adopted uncle) and they're DATING?!? I digress...)

alison said...

I have more theories about Jace/clary, but they are very undeveloped and far-fetched, and. apparently part of the reason I thought that Clary knew that she and Jace weren't related.. you remember me trying to fight you aobut this the day I got my new tats???

I will have to think about this more, cause its prolly a stupid idea.

Oberon said...


Ryah said...

I just don't believe that Jace and Clary or bro and sis. I think Jace is some sort of test tube baby experiment of Valentines, and he was made from the DNA of the angels, or something crazy like that.

I think this new Sebastian guy will be Clary's real brother, since it sounds like she has a thing for him, gotta stick with Flowers in the Attic theme.

Anonymous said...

Yes omg thank you guys so much. I was like really upset when i finished the book. I was a very like "middle" book for me. More problems started and none were solved. As for clary and Jace. I am almost positive that luke is clary's father. For some reason it seems better if there like only "half" siblings. If they dont end up together then im gonna be super pissed. i think simon should get with that wolf girl and leave Jace and Clary alone he like ruins every HOT momebt .

alison said...

oh, I def. agree. Plus, Simon and maya would be so cute together. But simon and clary... not so much.

Anonymous said...

The Simon theory is definetly plausable.

I reckon Jace isn't actually Jace. But he's Stephen, the son of the Inquisitor that died for him.

It would make perfect sense. :)


Anonymous said...

yeaa i thought the same thing about simon XDD

and omg jess (lol i have the same name) i thought that jace might actually b stephen as well D= cause like after reading it a second time.. i realised.. y would the inquisitors face turn white when she saw a realli realli old scar of jace's?

leading to sebastian actually being clarys brother..
Note: sebastians the one on the cover of city of glass XP

but ahh i cant wait for the next book its killing me TT

Kayla said...

hee hee,
I'm pretty young to be talking about "grown-up" book's with all of you , but I found this on the internet and I'd like to share my thoughts,

I think that hunnii has a good Idea about sebastion being Clarys 'real' brother, and jace, well not so much!

And when I read the thing about simon I seriously expected them just to come out and say, "because he drank Jace's blood," and for somthing like Clary whispering under her breath where no one else could hear " and jace is an angel" or somthing like that,

I also disagree with jess about the inquisitor thing because,for one, stephan would be WAY to old to be Jace, also the inquisitor acctually did seem to after a while go a little soft for jace, and I rather thought he was her grandson, being the son of stephan but I'm still working on the whole mother thing, maybe she died in child-birth, but I'm not so sure, that would explain why the inquisitor saved Jace and died for him. That would make sense.

Hee hee, I also think Maya would make a fantastic couple!

Just thought I'd share my thoughts :)

Destroyed Binding said...

when i read the first book, i was so pissed
who kisses their brother?????
so redneck
even though he is hot
i was happy when simon stopped ruining things and jace and clary hooked up