Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Question of the Day

We all know that the Twilight Series will end with Breaking Dawn. (pause for a crying jag)
However, I believe Stephenie has said that the possibility of books about the other characters in Twilight could be a reality. So, I couldn't help but wonder:

What character(s) would you most like to see a book written about and why?

7 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Jes said...

Great question Ryah!
I think it would be interesting to read about the first time the Cullens were in Forks, and the history of the Treaty- then we could get the love story of Carlisle and Esme- that would be nice.

Kari said...

Without a doubt: Jasper/Alice. I know we found out a little about Alice's past, but I'd really like to know who changed her. I also want some hot Jalice lovin'.

heatheryruth said...

Alice all the WAY!! Other than B&E she is by FAR my favorite Character! I'd love to hear her story of "awaking" as a Vamp and what continues up until the start of Twilight!

Corinne said...

I would also like to know more about Alice and Japer. They are the most interesting Cullens.

Depending on what happens in BD, I also would like to hear from Jacob and about life beyond the Rez.

Erin said...

I agree - Jalice (Kari, lol). But I do have a fondness for Emmett and would like to hear from him at some point.

I also agree with wanting more about Jacob. But I think his story will be wrapped up in BD.

Good question...I did read in one SM interview that she wanted to write the backstory to Bree (the newborn at the end of Eclipse). I'm not so intrigued by her, but anything SM wants to write, I'll read!

Ryah said...

I want more books about Jacob. Even if his story is wrapped up in BD, I will want more!!!!!
Then Jasper

alison said...

More Jacob, please.

Also, Jasper. But not alice (please, I have had enough of her!)

I am not a big fan of Sam, but I think he has a great story to tell.