Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Question of the Day

The Coven leaders have all read the series, "The Mortal Instruments" by Cassandra Clare. They are highly recommended. Even if you haven't read them, I think you might be able to answer this question. Shadowhunters cover their bodies in marks that look like tattoos, called runes. They all mean different things, like protection, healing, super awesome fighting (geez, I'm not sure what they mean) but the Shadowhunters can use the runes when they are needed, and then they leave their bodies. So... what runes do you want/need?

Also, if anyone has more rune info, please add it... I'm gonna be late for work so I cant search more ;)

9 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

This is such a good one, Alison. I've been thinking about it all morning.

Ruins aren't permanent, are they? Because this morning, I would have used a "pull clover weeds and get the whole root" ruin. ;)

I'll have to think of a better one.

alison said...

No, they're not permanent. You put one on to help you with something. So the clover pulling rune would have been perfect for this morning ;)

I know, this is hard--I'm still trying to think of what I would want.

Erin said...

Hmmm. If they can be a day-to-day thing, right now I'd want some healing runes and some energy runes.

And I'd want to get me some Glamour (am I remembering that right?) for my car.

Kari said...

Oh yeah! Glamour! I want a glamour ruin for my house.

Wait, how does Glamour work? Does it hide how glamourous things are? The castle was a run-down place until Clary concentrated. Was that Glamour?

If that's the case, then I want a Crappy ruin.

Ryah said...

Hmmm, It would totally depend on the day and the situation. Most likely an anti-lazy rune would be applied daily.

Jes said...

I would want a ruin like ryah that gives me motivation! That'd be wonderful.
Ha! i was just thinking about the strength ruin that was put on alex! that was too funny.

glamours are seen by the human eye. So when Jace and crew want to be seen by humans they put a glamour on, other wise they are invisable. The Church was a glamour, so that the human eye sees a church- and only the church, not the added on stuff of the institute. (it really was a church, just added on)

heatheryruth said...

ok...ANOTHER good thinking question!! I'd definetly want a Glamour one so people see me as the skinny thing I once was haha!! I'd also like a temper and patience one! Seems like I have a short fuse a lot lately and sadly my kids are the one that deal with hormonal Mom!

I'd also like me some strength ones (just in case!) And as I Still (I know, I know) haven't read the books and don't know completely how these work, I'd like time altering Runes too! (another just in case one!)

alison said...

maybe I should get a glamour that makes me look ugly so people don't stare at me all the time.


just kidding. I am still thinking. Maybe I will have an answer tonight.

Corinne said...

Since riding Jasper, I really think having healing runes or protection runes would be great.

Also, I have so little time to eat, maybe there are some nourishing runes to keep me healthy when I don't have the time to feed myself. (plus it would be so much faster than trying to find a place to eat all the time)