Saturday, June 28, 2008

"do you want me to hold you?"

ah-ha. I know its obnoxious when people recount their dreams to you, but I can't help it; last night's was ridiculous.

I was running away from something deadly, down a dorm corridor, banging on all of the doors. A man let me into his dorm room, and I knew he was a vampire. (and tres cute) I was so frightened from what I was running from and couldn't calm down. Finally he asked "do you want me to hold you?" and then we laid on his bed and spooned. Thats it. That was the whole dream. Spooning with a vampire that I've never met before... meet alison, the vampire slut.

2 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...


lol. What a great dream. Mine are much more mundane.

Anonymous said...

Allison, you should start your own personal blog instead of just being on SVC, you could call it MEET ALLISON THE VAMPIRE SLUT: DO YOU WANT ME TO HOLD YOU?
That'd rock, I'd put that on my blog listings^^
I've had vampire dreams like that a lot and eventually started researching, and in the dream world vampires are a sign that your subconcious is trying say you're nervous. In most of my dreams he's my boyfriend or husband, those are dreams I treasure... ^^