Saturday, June 28, 2008

Question of the Weekend

I have a simple question to ask of you all this weekend:

Why are we drawn to vampires? Is it just the Cullens for you, or where you like some of us and also had a thing for Angel and Spike, or other vamp characters?

6 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Corinne said...

I just do. I suppose my first official obsession was Buffy, but I have always had an affinity for them.

They are sexy, counter-cultural, immortal (with, I guess, some limitations I can deal with).

But Twilight has reignited my love for them far beyond Angel and Spike.

Erin said...

I watched Buffy casually when it was on, but Twilight was my first real obsession with a vampire.

And (don't throw things at me), I think it's more the love story that draws me in than the supernatural elements. The vampire angle is sexy, but it could be any other caveat in Bella and Edward's relationship and you could have similar tension. Twilight was really the first book I read from the fantasy genre, and while I continue to read more, I really look for the romance more so than the magical stuff.

That said, vampires are hot. (Vampyres, too. I just finished Marked and am dying b/c I'm third on the list at the library for the next one...noooo...)

alison said...

I like corinnes answer.

I'm not sure totally what the draw is, but I agree with the sexy, counter-culture thang. and also that its just fantasy and fun. I like pretending that the world could be different than it is.

Jill Berry said...

I always liked the movie Underworld. Mostly because I like movies where chicks kick butt. Kate Beckinsale's character is the kind of Vampire I'd want to be!

Anonymous said...

I think I love vampires out of jealousy, I'm sure other people will agree. The fact that they're sexy, intelligent, strong, dark, brooding, beautiful, graceful, and unaccepted misfits in out world among other things makes me jealous. That and I've had an affinity for weird stuff since I was about 6 so vampires came to me naturally V_v
That and they kick ass!^^

Ryah said...

Y'all said everything I think.

I just love them.