Saturday, June 14, 2008

Question of the day (weekend edition)

First of all, I just wanted to give a shout out to all the new readers and posters on this blog. We love it and encourage you to post more comments! We love hearing what you have to say, and the new insight you bring into the discussions.

This is actually many questions:

How has the Twilight Series changed your life? What makes them so good that millions of people (strangers and friends) unite over them? Why do they make you feel the way you do while you are reading them?

10 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

I don't know the answer to this question, but I do think its awesome. I especially love getting new people's opinions and insights on here--I feel like I kind of know what the "coven leaders" think, although they do surprise me at times. But its nice to get a new perspective.

Ryah said...

Yeah, I could probably guess what most of the coven leaders would answer. Here's mine. I just think it's awesome that books about vampire romance could stir so many emotions. I have read many books, but have never been quite so obsessed. I love that they pull me from reality and let me fantasize for a while. I also love hearing songs (whether on the play list or the radio) and being brought right back into the emotions I feel while reading the books. There's more, but this comment would get way too long.

alison said...

I agree with you, Ryah. I have taken to loving reading because it is fun to get involved in a fantasy; take a break for a while. Twilight was unstoppable. I read it at work, before work, after work... I had to keep reading and rushing to the bookstore. When I was done, I had to read it again. And I think that there are few books that do that to literally everyone (minus my husband) that reads them. Then we get obsessed and have to, I don't know, talk about them all the time ;)
Its fun!

Corinne said...

I was with Jes last night and said "Do you see vampires everywhere now?" That is one way this book has changed my life. There has not been a day since reading the books that my mouth has not said the word vampire, that my brain has not thought about vampires.

But on a bit deeper level, I have actually begun to read. I have never been a reader. I have only ever committed to one series before Twilight, but even Harry didn't get me to read more books while I was waiting for more. Stephanie Meyer has made me like the thought of books more. That's a pretty amazing feat for me. I also have to give credit to my SVC reading friends who keep giving me good ideas on what to read as well.

Jes said...
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Jes said...

How has this changes my life? Tht is such an odd question to think that a book has changed my life, BUT IT HAS!
Twilight consumed me... and I really dont' know why. I do know that because of these books I have been blessed with an awesome group of new and old friends. It is funny to think that just over two months ago this world and these friends didn't exist in my life.. I can't even imagine it now! I love SVC, and you guys are in my life to stay!
It is Edward. The way that SM has written this character has brought back the glimmer of hope in my life for romance. I was soooo jaded before these books and now, I am in love with thinking about love. That is huge for me! I know it is strange to give credit to a fictional character, but somehow something that SM wrote unlocked a part of me.
And it is so true Corinne, I think of vampires and warewolves all the time- I think I reference Twilight 20 times a day wether I am alone or not!

Erin said...

I agree with all of you. The reason these books changed my life is two-fold: the fantasy element and the romance element. I never read fantasy/sci fi before, but this changed that. Suddenly it all seemed like it could be real. That, and as with all other books I've loved, I could really escape into them. They made me forget everything else.

The romance part is simple, too. It made me feel what it's like to be newly in love again. I love my husband, but we've been together for well over eight years now, and it's just doesn't have that thrill that love does when it's at the beginning. Which is fine - I wouldn't change anything about it - but it's fun to live vicariously all of it again. And with the universe's most perfect male, of course. ;-)

Great question, Ryah!

Anonymous said...

It's weird, I always had an obsession with vampires, even a small child. I wanted to take ballet at 6 cuz I had a hand-me-down black ballet outfit, I wanted to be graceful like a vampire.
It's odd, I see someone who's naturally very pale and darkly featured, I always think "She'd/he'd make a good vamp"
One day, my best nerd friend told me to read Twilight and lent me the book. I was HOOKED INSTANTLY. I guess I love it so much cuz now I know I'm not crazy or alone in wishing vampires were real.^^

Jes said...

Ha! I love that sam! I can just picture the little black leotard and tutu!

heatheryruth said...

Well I kinda got to this one late! So, my main draw was already taken! I, Like Erin was totally drawn in by the way SM writes about first love! I have only ever been in love once, my first time was the only time and being as I have been with my guy for 10 years (married for almost 7 of those) It's been awhile since I've felt all those FIRSTS!! I wouldn't change my life, good, bad, kids and all, however it's nice to remember what it was like when I did fall in love!

(My hubby didn't mind my new enamorous behavior either!) After that, the draw for the future books was Edward hehe! He's such a complex character!

OK sorry for the rant! hehe! Hope all are having a wonderful weekend!!