Saturday, June 7, 2008

Question of the Day (weekend)

So, I am nearing the end of New Moon (again) and I just read the part where Edward, Alice, and Bella go down into the Volturi Lair. Stephanie is quite descriptive with her description of the "office" like feel of the under ground fortress. I started to think about the lair that Spike had on Buffy- his was one of the stainless steel variety. My question is this:

What would your lair look like? Where would it be?
( you could have a house like the Cullens, but a lair is a bit cooler sounding, and I think that the Cullens hit the Jackpot on an awesome house description- so let's focus on lairs)

11 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

I would want a house, like the Cullens, b/c I have problems when things aren't properly lit. But, geek that I am, I would need a massive library in it.

What would make me sad, though, is the fact that I wouldn't necessitate a proper kitchen or bedroom anymore. Two of my favorite places to be. I love to eat and sleep...

Jes said...

So as I was driving home tonight from Corn's I thought about my lair- and the SVC was an inspiration tonight!
First it would be an SVC LAIR- and we would definately have a full stocked bar (even though vamps don't drink... i think a couple of us still would for old times sake!)
Then we would have a state-of -the-art make-up room, pretty much a Sephora, with chairs, lamps and mirrors. Then we would have a Karaoke night club too- with our own D.J. (that was human, like the volturi have that human girl receptionist- our D.J. would be human and our little slave that was just waiting and hoping for the day we'd make him a vamp) Ah, it would be the coolest lair eva! Gosh, I want one right now.
Also, we'd have a garage full of the greatest cars to drive around and look our hot selves in...

alison said...

I love your ideas, Jes! I'm gonna have to think about my lair... Will report back latah.

Kari said...

My lair would definitely have a spa with a hot tub, steam room and a masseuse on call. Also a Dunn Brothers.

Corinne said...

I agree with you, Jes, on the make-up palace and the dance room.

I will also need a great lair-theater room with great, comfortable sitting, lounging chairs/couches, and a huge screen for watching whatever.

I may not sleep as a vampire, but that doesn't mean I wont' want to be lazy.

Ryah said...

You guys pretty much said it all. I think an old warehouse that was all redone industrial style would make for a cool lair. It would basically be one big Aveda (with spas, makeup, and fab hair products), and one big Best Buy(technology baby!).
It would also, as Kari said, have to be near or contain a Dunn Bros. I am pretty sure that if I was a vampire I would crave coffee more that human blood.

Jes said...

Oh Yes! Ryah- I like the Aveda style Warehouse.
And a Theater is a must- so we can watch Twilight over and over!

Anonymous said...

I would want a place that was near a mall. The lair would also have to have a room made just for listening to the twilight series on your ipod.

alison said...

LOve the idea of a room for twilight action!
I've always wanted to live in the redone loft/warehouse.

It needs to have a library. And soooo many windows (remember, i would probably not be a vampire, but a werewolf).
And an indoor gazebo/courtyard area. And an infinity pool. And a craft room. And a bar. and it needs to be near water.

Jes said...

We would also need a spray tan booth... I don't care how beautiful we vamp are suppose to be, I will need a tan!-- then in the sun I can be a bronzy sparkle!

Anonymous said...

Wow, jes makes so many weird comments... I'm so jealous>< That is some good ideas though, spray tanning... I'd dye my hair purple so I'm sparkily purple^^
And a dance floor with a glass ceiling so when can make rainbows and make our own disco lights!

I like the thought of a gigantcic library, what about a farm? I have pet chickens, I'd want them to be safe at all times^^ Oh, and, it has to be near a mall with a built in Starbucks, Hot Topic, Spencers, and zombie pen (What? I hate zombies, I just want to have pets to tease...)
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Treeeee house! Tree house, Tree House, TREE HOUSE!!!
Jungle vampires^^