Monday, June 9, 2008

Question of the Day

Now that the we have the first chapter of Breaking Dawn, what are your theories about what else will happen in the book? Did it change anyone's thoughts about the book or what might happen?

19 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

It made me nervous. Even though Bella is with Edward and seemingly happy, there seemed to be an underlying sadness. I'm worried that the wedding isn't going to go as planned.

I still think they'll end up married, happy and vampired. Yes, vampired.

Jes said...

ugh... I feel anxious just thinking about this question.

I think the volturi will be players in thispart of the story.

I hope Charlie finds a love.

I think Bella needs to grow-up.

I hope Jacob imprints.

I hope Edward is happy.

Part of me doesn't want to think about it till I have it in my hands.

Ryah said...

Corinne, we are truly meant to be because I was thinking of asking this exact question. Now I have to think of something else...

I'm not sure what to think. I am factoring in the first chapter as well as the cover art in all my little theories that are running through my head. I agree that Bella is really sad, all the missing posters of Jacob seem to be getting her down. The car? We all know Bella is a danger magnet, but why give her a car that is safer than air force one? Maybe something is going to go down? I think that a huge vamp war between the Cullens and wolves vs. the Volturi will happen.
Also, the cover. I know it means something. The pawn can overtake the Queen (also, can't the pawn become a Queen? I don't know much about chess)Hmmm...

Jes said...

Why would Edward give Bella that car?

Edward has been a vamp for 100+ years. And now he is in love with a human, who from his view point is EXTREMELY breakable. ( This is the one thing Edward has been able to buy her, so of course it is going to be fantastically expensive and indestructable)... I want to see a scene where Emmett is trying to damage it with his brutal strength!

Kari said...

I want to see Bella arm wrestle Emmett also! After she's vamptized, obvs.

Jill Berry said...

I bet things will definitely hit the fan at the wedding. You'd think they'd learn...something always goes down at Alice's events.

Ryah said...

Jill-so true that things always happen at Alice planned events. Great point.

I know that Edward thinks Bella is breakable and that he tends to overreact, but to buy her that car seems like overkill to me.
I'm just saying that he could be protecting her from things other than her clumsy self. Maybe Alice saw something?

Kari, you're on fire with the vampcabulary.

Jes said...

I think I just had a Aha! moment while reading New Moon... maybe this isn't new but this is what I am thinking is the premise for Breaking Dawn:

The Caius wanted to kill Bella while e was shin the lair, because she new the secret, that vampires exist. We all know that they don't kill Bella, because Alice promises that she will become a vampire... so this thought came to my head:
Breaking Dawn will be an epic battle, but why exactly? Just because the voltri feel threatened by the Cullens?
No, I think the Volturi will become aware of the warewolves- and immediately know them to be a threat for knowing the secret-and being mortal enemies, thus Allying the volturi with Tanya's Clan (who will seek retribution for Laurent) Thus the Cullens will have to decide wether to side with their old friends or their new "kind-of-allies: the warewolves.
Abviously the Cullens will decide to help and protect the warewolves. thus setting up an epic battle of vampire vs. vampire/warewolves. So no longer is it just Bella who is in danger, but everyone- the warewolves and each of the Cullens... hmmm, I wonder if anyone will die?

Ryah said...

Didn't I already say that ;)

j/k, I agree, I think that a battle of epic proportions will happen. For some reason, I think Sam is going to die, don't know why, but she hasn't killed anyone off yet and I think now is the time.

Jes said...

I wasn't sure if anyone had put it like that before, atleast- I hadn't really thought it through, and then all of a sudden while Iwas reading today it became really clear. Sorry Ryah, I didn't mean to take credit- It just became really clear to me why there would be an epic battle- It never really was sitting right with me for an epic battle to be all about Bella, and I really don't think it will be.
Maybe Sam will die- that could make sense, and then Jacob would be forced into the leader position... What about a Cullen??? Rosalie?

Kari said...

I can't picture a Cullen dying. Everything is so perfect now with everyone paired up. What would Emmett do? I can't see SM breaking up the fam.

I agree that Sam is a likely candidate. Poor Sam!

heatheryruth said...

Wow! I had such a busy weekend and I missed such good debates! I think you all have great ideas! I just know what I WANT to happen! I want the wedding to go without a hitch (which probably won't happen) I want Bella turned (I HOPE that happens!) and I want the big epic battle you all have already mentioned!

Ryah, I really like your theories about the cover art! I'm so bad at making theories...I mean I was WAY off in New Moon! So I've learned to just wait and see! hehe!

Ryah said...

Jes, I am just glad you read New Moon all the way through ;)

alison said...

I still haven't read the chapter.

Kari said...

If I had a shocked emoticon, I would use it here. Alison!!!!! How come you haven't read it yet?

alison said...

I'm nervous to read it because I think I am going to be angry with the book and I am worried it will taint the series for me. I will read it, but haven't been able to summon up the courage yet. (and also didnt read you guys' comments)

Erin said...

Whew!! I just got home from a craptastic day of meetings at school. Blahhhhhhh.

So I skimmed through all of your comments, and hopefully I didn't miss anything (so I apologize if any of this was already mentioned), but here's what I think:

1. SM is awesome. Awesome. I don't think she'd give us a bad ending. She admits she's a sucker for happy endings, and only she really knows the "right" way this should end.

2. That said, I don't mean to say I'm not a little nervous. But it's more butterflies-can't-wait-to-find-out kind of nervous.

3. On one hand, I have an odd feeling that Bella won't change until the end, if at all. But on the other, this makes me mad b/c SM has always refused to answer questions about Bella's vampire powers etc, and if she wasn't changed until the end of the book (again, if at all), I won't get to figure that out. And as a reader, I really want her changed. (As a 26-year-old human, however, I think she's slightly nuts. Though I'm not one to judge, having never been charmed by one Edward Cullen.)

4. I think Jacob will narrate part of this book. And I think he will imprint, as SM loves him and has to wrap up his story too.

5. I think the Denali and the Volturi will be a big part of this book, though I'm not sure how. I'm intrigued by the idea that the Denali seek revenge on the werewolves for their killing Laurent, and I am pretty sure if Bella's changed, Aro will come a-callin' to see what her powers are.

6. I think the real question is - who will be the villain in this book? Victoria's gone. Who will be threatening what Bella and Edward have? Because that's really what the series is about. (Aside from the fact that his instincts tell him to kill her, of course. But I think we're well past that.)

So much to ponder. Hurts my head.

Alison, I don't think you'll be too upset by reading the first chapter. But I understand if you don't want to. My sister is refusing.

Anonymous said...

Read the Preface. I won't quote anything here because Alison hasn't read it yet, but that always has something to do with later in the book.
So, I think that is something to think about too!

Corinne said...

I think the wedding will be dramatic.

I think Bella will be changed, but not right away in the book.

I think we will hear more from Jacob's perspective.

I think Jacob will imprint.

I think at least one werewolf will die.

I do not think any of the Cullens will die.

I think the Voluri will play a big part in the drama.