Thursday, August 7, 2008

Feeling Positive, Slighty Groovy

I am going to admit it here and now: I like Breaking Dawn.

I wasn't sure at first. Hell, I was beyond not sure, I was not happy with it. At all. Now that I've gotten over my initial shock, I am enjoying the book much more. I am rereading some of the scenes, giggling (a noise that was lacking the first time around, unless mockingly.) and totally enjoying myself.

I want to publicly declare my enjoyment of BD. Hell, I am even going to start wearing my Breaking Dawn button. LOUD AND PROUD.

13 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Maggie said...

Kari, I am very glad to hear you like BD. I am with you, I like it too. Honestly, I liked it from the beginning. It was very different from what I was expecting, but still good. Kind of like when your favorite band puts out a new, totally different CD and you are shocked/confused, but then you realize that it's still good anyways. I hope that analogy makes sense haha. I plan on re-reading BD this weekend.

Erin said...

Great way of putting it, Maggie.

I too am changing my initial reaction. I'm nearly finished re-reading (though I have done a lot of skipping around during this read) and I've been giggling, too. And although there will always be parts that I feel don't jive with the rest of the series, I am so, so happy that these characters get a happy ending. I DO like the book. I am happy with the way the series ended. While it will probably never be my favorite in the series, I enjoyed it.

That feels so much better. I've been walking around the last week feeling really weird, because I hadn't made my decision yet. I understand why people have trouble believing/liking it, but I'm just going to buy in and revel in the happily-ever-after.

Jes said...

I to can declare that I am enjoying it the 2nd time around!
Maggie- you put it perfectly!

heatheryruth said...

Yay!! Welcome to the "pack" everyone! hehe! I don't feel so strange now! (I haven't started re-reading as of yet...I'm trying to get COB done! :)

I'm so glad that you are all enjoying it a 2nd time around!

Jes said...

oh! can't wait to hear how you like COB- we all just love it!

heatheryruth said...

So far...(I'm about 1/2 done) I like it! I'm still kinda trying to get everything figured out (whose, who, who does what and all the logistics straight!) I always like when a book starts off with good action right away!

Ryah said...

COB and COA are fantastic! Hope you enjoy them!

Unless the plot and writing magically change with the second reading, I am pretty sure I will still not like it at all.

Corinne said...

I want to trust you. I do. It is just that I continue to only have general bad feelings about this book. There are surely some things that I like, but they are not enough to make me like this book as a whole. It drains me to think of re-reading it.

I might try, but I think I need a break from BD. I do want to get to a positive place with this series considering my love for it. But as of right now, I am not optimistic.

Anonymous said...

Breaking dawn BUTTON? in public?

Ryah said...

Hehe. I knew I liked you anonymous;)

kellie said...

Hey, guys! This is my first time posting.. maggie actually told me about this blog! I've been thinking a lot about BD and I feel this is probably the best place to express my thoughts!

I was terrified of finding spoilers online (I had several things ruined for me in new moon & eclipse) so I read breaking dawn while completely cutting myself off from anywhere on the internet that might ruin something for me. Going into it, I had no expectations. I only felt an excitement about not knowing where the story would go next. As I read it, I got sucked into it. Like many people, I was surprised about what happened.. maybe even a little skeptical. I never was disappointed, though.

Soon after I finished, I allowed myself to look around the internet and stumbled across other peoples' reactions. I was appalled to see that a widely shared opinion was that the book was terrible. Several people said that they're going to pretend the series is only a trilogy and others stooped so far as to make fun of the book.

My view is this: It's Stephenie Meyer's story. She has created these characters and the world they live in. As I read, I felt that wherever the story took me is where it was supposed to. I guess I just feel that whatever we WANTED to happen is really irrelevant and we shouldn't be so quick to put it down because we're lucky to have been introduced to the world that Stephenie Meyer created.

Anyway, I hope I'm not being too harsh.. I've been thinking a lot and it's just how I feel. I'm planning on re-reading BD really soon with newly-informed eyes to see how the pieces fall into place and how the events are set up.

Thanks for giving me a perfect place to express my thoughts. :)

kellie said...

I'm pretty sure that in my monologue of a comment, I left out my overall opinion of BD... Well, I really liked it. :)

Ryah said...

Welcome Kellie, thanks for posting! You make some very good points.

We look forward to reading your future comments!