Thursday, August 21, 2008

Question of the Day

Do your friends & family understand your obsession with Twilight?

10 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

My sister does, since she's read the books. She's not AS obsessed as I am, but she understands. My parents don't, really, so I just refer to you guys as my "book club friends". ;-)

Kari said...

I think they are more understanding since they've gone through my little obsessions before: NKOTB, animal rights, feminism, XFiles, etc.

It's become mostly a joke now. I try and slip vampires into the conversation whenever possible.

They still think I'm crazy though.

Jes said...

No, not really.

i've made my three sisters and my mom read the books and they all like them, but dont feel the need to really talk about them. What can you do?

Anonymous said...

Mom- yes, there her books
Dad- no, he laughs at me
Bro's- no idea that the books exist
C~Y- more obsessed than me
J~N- don't know, she's only on NM

Those are all the people I know that know that I like the books.


Ps- notice how I don't have any sisters. :'( JK, I don't want sisters.

Maggie said...

Well I introduced my mom and sister to the books, and they like them but are not as obsessed as I am. I also introduced all of my girl friends to the books, and they are more into it, but still not as obsessed. I have one dance friend (a girl I grew up dancing with, I refer to them as "dance friends" haha) is as equally as obsessed as me, and my good friend who introduced me to the books is also as equally obsessed.

But none are quite like you guys! They never really talk in depth about it like it is here, which is something I really enjoy!

heatheryruth said...

My Hubby likes to tease me...but doesn't really mind! My oldest daughter (4) just asks if I'm reading the "apple" books again, she says "sure, Sure" all the time! (which I didn't teach or anything, but the people that I have had read the books all notice it and get a kick outta it!) She also knows that Thunder is the Vampires playing baseball!

After my very best friend introduced me to them (she likes them but not obsessed like me!) I intro'd them to my Sister in law...she is just as into them as me! I ALSO got my Big bro to read them! (he's on BD) He likes them...but not as ga-ga over them as I am! (his quote..."everytime it starts to get good then it goes to lovey -dovey crap!") My Bro and Mom are HUGE HP fans and did the obsessing about they don't give me to hard of a time about going on about Twilight!

Geez could I babble anymore! Sorry!!

Corinne said...

No. My husband does not get it, does not think it's funny or cute, nor interested in any way about Twilight.

My family doesn't care, they just won't read the book.

That is why I have the SVC--my friends. They (you) get it. It's my outlet for all things Twilight. I belong here.

Jill Berry said...

Well, my Mom tells me she's just happy I'm reading!

My husband wanted me to tell him what was going on in the story while I read. I pretty much lost him when Jacob imprinted to a baby. He didn't want to hear more after that.

My brother in law likes Sci fi, so I think he secretly wants to read them :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kari! It's Taylor!!! Haha they are understanding more...but they still think im really weird. I too, sneak in vampires in the conversation whenever i can. :-)

Kari said...

Yay Taylor! You posted! You've made my day.