Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Review: Twilight Sucks ...And Not In a Good Way

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Wow, I could have written this article ten years ago.

My thoughts:
The author argues for feminism, which I applaud, but misses the fact that feminism is about choice. Bella decides for herself to marry Edward and become a vampire. She chooses to make love. She wants to give birth instead of abort. It's traditional (ok, except for the whole vampire thing) but should every woman choose the same thing? Are we chained to something new now? Is being a feminist about not choosing marriage / children? (Dammit, I knew I should have moved to New York and became a graphic designer after all.) Does every character in fiction need to fit into this stereotypical feminist protagonist?

Argue that the books fell flat for you. Argue that you thought Jacob and Edward were abusive. But don't tell me the books set women back two hundred years.

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heatheryruth said...

I guess everyone is allowed to have their opinion! However I honestly don't think the books portray Bella as some anti-feminist role model. I actually think it portrays her as a "typical" girl who gets swept away by things she never knew existed! What insecure "new" girl wouldn't be awed when some one like Edward showed interest?

Honestly I think people that write these kinds of things are WAY OVER- ANALYZING things....I mean you don't see people going on tirades about harlequin romance novels! These are BOOKS them for entertainment...not to inspire you in you life!

Erin said...

Totally, Kari. It's a pretty ridiculous argument.

Heather, agreed as well - fiction is FICTION. Not real! You can only take it so literally. Especially when you're talking vampires and werewolves - fantasy fiction is even further from reality.

Kari said...

I know! Can you imagine the fiction section if all of the girls had to fit into this stereotypical feminist role? BORING.

heatheryruth said...

no kidding! Plus how boring would reading be if the heroine was always exactly the same, be it a damsel in distress type, or a I'll do it myself kick butt type! If it was the same every time who'd want to read!

Jes said...


I haven't finished the article, but it bothers me to no end already.

I think this person (oddly eanough named Kellen) has for one, never truly been in love- I dont agree with her take on NM. Secondly, wants the books and the female characters she reads to be perfect!

(I just finished the article, and I do have to say that I agree with the sperm thing... but thats it)

The comments are interesting to read-

Anonymous said...

If from now on girls in books would be exactly like Bella, I'm going to scream. It's enough that most of the time she's some damsel in distress, but I couldn't live without having girls being the one's who save the day evey once and a while. That's why I read Tamora Pierce. All of her books have a heroine instead of hero. Take Aly for example. She doesn't admit to falling in love until the end of the 1st book (out of 2). Not one of those books that is all about the romance.

I agree with everything so far. Now, before I go on forever and don't have time for the rest of the postes...


Anonymous said...

Oohh i totally agree with Z~Z I hate SM for making girls all defenseless and whatnot. I mean seriously! Im a girl and Im perfectly capible of taking care of myself thank you very much. IDK what Bellas problem is but she needs to get of her ass and do something productive with her lamecore life.

twilight = life said...

SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU STUPID PERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bella is beautiful and a very smart woman so get off her case!!!! And Edward... dont get me started on Edward. Hes lovely and a wonderful boyfriend to Bella! Stephanie Meyers is a very smart and talented writer!!!!!!! i <3 edward

Jes said...

Dear Twilight=Life,
We SVCers love all types of differing opinions- however, we do not condone belittling people and name calling. Please refrain from stooping to that level in the future on our site! Thanks-- but if you love Twilight, like we do, we of course would love to have you continue to blog with us, let's just keep it civil :)