Friday, August 1, 2008

SVC Will Not Be Posting Breaking Dawn Related Posts

For a couple days at least.

When most of us have finished, we will start posting Breaking Dawn posts but we will include a banner at the top of the page so you will know. We don't want anyone getting accidentally spoiled. :)

2 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Anonymous said...

I have to wait 4 my mom to finish or buy my own copy of Breaking Dawn. My only concern is what the end is going to be.

I like the way this place is set up, instead of comments, having 'enjoyed the bouquet' and other changes.

I'm just going on and on because I don't want to play with my little bro. Who just found me


P.S.-I found this place by clicking stuff from somewhere else. Someones profile page to Twilight saga interest to this huge list of people to another profile page to here. The second profile page was Jess. Brother demanding. G2G

Ryah said...

Thanks for posting!