Saturday, August 23, 2008

Question of the Day - Weekend Edition

My two-part question today stems from the "resolution" of the parental characters at the end of the story. Maggie's question from earlier this week made me think a lot about Charlie.

Do you feel like Charlie's story is truly wrapped up? Do you care? Do you think it's feasible that he is okay with the whole supernatural aspect to his daughter's life?

And similarly, what happens with Renee? Maybe I missed it, but does Bella note how her mother is going to perceive her changed appearance and child?

5 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Corinne said...

I'm not sure I like how any of the character's stories were wrapped up. I am a bit (ok, probably more than a bit) upset with how lackluster Charlie's story line is when related to Bella. I can see him maybe not wanting to know all the supernatural details, but his reaction kind of seems to blase to me and not very realistic.

And as for Renee, I think she got dropped like so many other characters. It's too bad because you would think it would be a big deal to make your mortal parents grandparents of a crazy, half-vampire baby.

Kari said...

I wonder if she left Charlie's story a bit unresolved so she can write more about it later. Isn't Sue Leah's mom?

I guess I don't care about Renee. She never played a big role in the other books except a paragraph or so. For some reason, I can't see Renee being shocked to find Bella different. Her mom is intuitive. She had to have picked up some vibe when wedding planning?

I know Renee is mentioned after B becomes a vampire. I just can't remember exactly what it says. I'll have to go dust off BD.

Corinne said...

I think Renee could have given an awesome response. Although she is intuitive, I still think she's a little crazy. Maybe she would have had something clever to say.

Maggie said...

Charlie's story wasn't wrapped up as nicely as I would have liked. I think it is good that he and Sue are together, but it seemed as if that was mentioned as an afterthought. As if SM thought, "oh yea, I need to tell people what happened to Charlie." She seems to have a habit of knowing everything about her characters, but sometimes forgetting to mention to readers what she knows.

I don't know if Charlie is ok with Bella's supernatural life since he is a simple man. But at least he knows she is happy, and I think that is what matters most to him.

I agree with Kari when it comes to Renee - she never played a huge role in the books. I'm sure her mother would probably freak out and realize that her initial thoughts about Edward and Bella were correct.

heatheryruth said...

Ya know...I'm not upset about how SM left Charlie's story. She has said that she's DONE writing from Bella and Edwards pov. I think she has left some story lines open so that she can continue their story lines later on from another perspective.

As for Renee' I honestly think the only reason she was in BD in the first place was for the wedding aspect! It would have been odd to leave her out of the scenario, Still I didn't feel that it was bad that they didn't include her more...her story is pretty much wrapped up and has been through the whole series! It would have been nice for a mention as to how she handled Bella's Change...however SM constantly emphasizes how simple Renee's mind I don't think she would handle it well! (then again maybe she would...child-like minds accept the idea of "monsters and Fairies" a lot easier than adults do!