Thursday, August 14, 2008

Question of the Day

I was thinking about Leah this morning.

Do you think becoming a werewolf (shape-shifter, whatever) is better or worse for her Sam situation?

On one hand, becoming a werewolf allowed her to fully understand the weight/undeniable pull of imprinting; how it isn't a choice.

On the other hand, she's subjected to Sam's UNEDITED thoughts all the time.

What do you think? Not that she had a choice in the matter, but do you think it was helpful or more hurtful?

6 enjoyed the bouquet.:

heatheryruth said...

Good question today! Ya know, I think in the long run it's harder for her! Yes, she understands the "pull" of imprinting. However at the same time she has to deal with Sams thoughts REGARDING her cousin as WELL as his guilt for what he did to Leah.

She also has to live with knowing that Sam DOES love her, and did prior to the imprint, its just that imprinting is a STRONGER emotion. Talk about hard...KNOWING that he did love her, but it wasn't enough?

I think it would have been easier (if that's possible) to just "get dumped" than becoming a wolf and end up KNOWING all the EXTRA stuff!

Anonymous said...

Tough Q. If I were in her shoes... worse. I would like to understand, but (and thats a big but) as said before, she has to listen to Sams thoughts.


Kari said...

I agree. I think it would be comforting to understand imprinting (although not fully understand, as Leah has not imprinted). But after time, that understanding would be background since she's constantly "hearing" how wonderful Emily is, how much he adores her, etc.

All rational understanding would be out the door for me if that's the tape that played in my head.

On the other hand, becoming a werewolf gives her the opportunity to imprint for herself. That will be very, very helpful in the end.

Corinne said...

I think it is obvious that she couldn't handle Sam and his thoughts and that is why she broke away from that pack. Even if Leah understands imprinting through her wolves perspective, I wouldn't want to be around someone I love and hear about the bond they have with their current mate all the time. Boo.

Good for Leah for leaving a situation that most likely was bad for her own mental health

Jes said...

This a tough question...
I think both ways has perks and agony... I think becomming a wolf helped to give insight and understanding- which I know I struggled with alot in my breakup (not having it).... and it would be really nice to know that you will imprint (even though I know Leah doesn't think she will, I don't think SM is the type to let her characters suffer in that way- hence her happy endings)

but having to hear the thoughts of Sam would be excruciating... I am pretty sure if I was in Leah situation I would be just as bitchy if not worse.

alison said...

I didn't read the book yet but...

I couldn't take it. Still, a million years removed (happily) from breakups, I would not be able to handle seeing the uncensored happiness of someone loving someone other than me. I am too much self-centered I guess, but it would break me into a million pieces. It would be way too hard. Especially if it weren't in such the past, but a fresh wound. the knowledge of imprinting would defn. not help.