Saturday, August 16, 2008

Question of the Day - Weekend Edition

Seeing as though we'll be seeing the movie version of Twilight three weeks early, today's question asks:

What movie's release have you most looked forward to? Were you fulfilled or disappointed? Did it live up to the anticipation?

9 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

I guess I mean BESIDES Twilight...I'm really anticipating that, but obviously can't say whether it'll live up to expectation or not.

Other than that...I'm not sure.

Rent? That lived up to expectation.

Wedding Crashers? That didn't, really. I liked Old School a lot better.

Sixteen Candles? OK, I don't actually remember the release (I was a little kid!), but I had to mention it since I love it so much.

I guess I'm not that much of a movie person?

Jes said...

I LOVE StarWars and I was sooooooo excited for the new Episode 1. It was a HUGE bummer... I am still bummed.

Maggie said...

Hmmm....I'm going to say Harry Potter haha. I look forward to all of them, but I was really anxious for the first one! But as with any movie made after a book, I was rather disappointed since it can never match my imagination.

I looooved Rent too Erin! I'm sure I anticipated The Little Mermaid when I was a kid, and it lived up to my expectations since it is my favorite movie of all time.

Ryah said...

I look forward to all the HP movies, I think they have all lived up to my expectations.

I was really excited to see The Dark Knight, and that movie TOTALLY delivered.

I am looking forward to seeing Twilight, the Movie, though lately I haven't been feeling very Twilighty.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... movie's... I'm coming up blank. I read to fill my time, not watch movie's. I would rather get a good book than watch a movie.

I am loking forward to if I'm aloud to watch Stepbrothers. It looks good, but I might not be aloud to watch it.


P.s. I just got back from some Breaking Dawn party and because we had teams, team Edward and team Jacob, I made a T-shirt that says 'I'm Switzerland'. The party was so fun, we saw a 12 min. trailer and there was this place that you could make bite marks and there were siloeutes that you could have your pic taken with. Really fun.

L8r 4 real this time,

heatheryruth said...

I was REALLY looking forward to all the New Star Wars Movies! They ALL delivered! (Especially number 3!) Otherwise I think the next one I couldn't WAIT to see was the new Indy movie! Also VERY good! Most of the ones I've been PUMPED to see and have gone to the midnight showings of have all lived up to what I expected!

Corinne said...

There have been few movies that I have "had to go to at midnight".

One would be the HP movies. I have liked them all, but the last was a little disappointing for me.

I also got really into "Pirates of the Caribbean" and really liked them all, but mostly because of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Argh he's hot matey!

alison said...

Thats funny Corinne... I thought that the last HP was the only one that I actually thought was filmed really well.

I anticipate lots of movies. I'm a movie kind of girl. Its hard to say which ones... Tough to remember, because although I wait with bated breath, I don't always make it to the theater.

I do remember having to see the LOTR right away and really looking forward to the Dark Knight.

This year, I also was super psyched about "lars and the real girl" and "juno." and I pretty much have to see anything by wes anderson or judd apatow.

alison said...

oh! and Sin City. super stoked to see it, the film did not disappoint!