Saturday, August 30, 2008

Breaking Dawn Postpartum

We've been experiencing a bit of postpartum depression over here at SVC. (Kari and I have made the diagnosis.) We believe it to be triggered by Breaking Dawn and the fact that it just may now be the last Twilight book to be published. (Ugh, say it ain't so.)

We do see some light at the end of the tunnel, and unfortunately it has come at the price of Stephenie's trust being broken. But as Kari said, and I quote, "being able to read some of Midnight Sun has been like taking a long cool drink of water after being very, very thirsty." I've read half of the manuscript and it is so great; I've been missing Edward for a very long time, and now I've gotten to visit him again!

So since we over here at SVC are feeling a little below the weather, SM must be too. I've pulled the following from TwiMoms and the Lex. They have a few ideas as to showing SM some support and love during this time of postpartum and such.

Reaching out to SM and revisiting the love we have for these books and characters (and Edward) may just be what the doctor ordered!

1. Write a letter to Stephenie at
Stephenie Meyer c/o Author Mail
Little, Brown and Company
237 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

2. Participate in a “We support Stephenie Meyer” video. All you have to do is send a picture of yourself showing support to and put “VIDEO” in the subject line. Be creative with your show of support, but make sure it is a still photograph and not an actual video. We will take the photos and make them into a video that will later be posted on You Tube.

3. For those of you graphics people who want to do something, we have another idea. We are going to make a virtual quilt. Send a 200 X 200 support graphic to and we will work it into a virtual support quilt. Make sure you put “QUILT” in the subject line.

4. On Saturday Sept. 13, in honor of Bella’s birthday, wear a twilight themed t-shirt to show your love of the series. If you work or have other obligations that won’t allow you to wear a Twilight shirt, wear all black, white, and red to show your support.

7 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

It is SO postpartum depression! Exactly.

We're destined to have our ups and downs as a site. We'll rebound, though! SVC WHAT!

Anonymous said...

What does postpartum mean? Sorry if something else that I wrote comes up, my internet crashed just after I pressed the 'publish comment' button.

Sorry (again) that I was gone for so long. I was grounded from the computer for something like 2 weeks.


Kari said...

Z~Z: Typical postpartum depression occurs after a mother gives birth. It's caused from the crashing of hormones, the let-down of having a normal baby (instead of the super-human baby most moms envision having) and all of the changes becoming a new mom deal with.

In our case, it's depression from not having the book to look forward to, some of us feeling let down by BD and (for me) general laziness.

I am feeling recharged after reading the leaked MS. I hope SM can find forgiveness in her heart for the leaker and finish the book.

Thanks for this post, Jes, it's awesome.

alison said...

Well written post, jes!

Maybe I should check out midnight sun. guess I just keep reading posts and I will find a link?

heatheryruth said...

Z, ya don't want Postpartum...lets put it that way!! hehe!

Such great ideas! I hope they work and she feels better and decides to finish MS! even the rough draft is SOOOOO AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.... I don't know if you've heard or not, but there is an online petition called "Respect For Stephenie Meyer Now!" that you can sign and add a comment for Stephenie. The text of the petition is written extremely well to convey the feelings of a part of her fan base. I'll post the link and if you get a chance, please sign. I was not the one who created it, but I wanted to help spread the word about it in hopes of getting more signatures.

Let's all try and do our part to show our Love for Stephenie, her writing and respect for her privacy/private property. We need to do what we can as a whole to earn back her trust.

alison said...

I have to say that I read it and I am not the least bit ashamed or embarrassed to have done so. I am glad that I read it; it made me remember why I love twilight (i might reread twilight actually now) and get over the whole BD debaucle.

Also, while I appreciate your comment, Mariah, and the link and the efforts of all the fans, I personally do not think that the fans need to gain stephenies trust. We did not ruin her trust by putting this out there. She knows who did it, and that person needs to gain her trust. I just get to continue being a nobody over here in minnesota land.

And while I agree with the petition stating that SM should not have had htis happen to her and that it was gross misconduct, it also hints that fans are not entitled to dissenting opinions regarding stephenie's work, which I totally disagree with. I can be a critic of her books. I can wish she made different choices with her characters. Being a fan doesn't equal being a zombie.