Friday, August 29, 2008

Question of the Day (weekend edition)

My initial response to Midnight Sun being leaked was a selfish one. I was deliriously happy to beable to read it.

I have just gone over to the Lex and TwiMoms to see what has been written and said about this ordeal and I have found that many people are refusing to read it until SM makes a clear decision on if she will finish MS or not.

I do think that the leak is horrid and a violation of SM's trust with whoever this person was. I think it is really interesting that she knows exaclty who did the leaking.

My question is this, do you read the leaked draft? The draft leaves off just prior to the Meadow scene. and what do you think of SM's hesitating to finish it? I for one really want the meadow scene from Edward's point of view. Discuss!

7 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Anonymous said...

I am going to be so depressed if she doesnt finish it. I did read it and its excellent - dare I say the best yet, even? I'm so bummed out at the thought of it not being finished, I NEED more from Edward's POV! Please please let her finish it!!!!

heatheryruth said...

Ya know...I'll admit...I read it before it was confirmed that it was "real"...I treated it like a fanfic and just enjoyed it! Honestly it wouldn't have taken away from when the book was released for me! (so often the "leaks" are fake that I just guessed that this one was too!) I guess if this makes me a bad fan...I'll take that on myself...I just enjoy the characters so much that I wanted more! (Although I DO feel bad about the violation in her aweful!) As I said earlier...I just figured it was a spoof!

I have re-read the one SM released...and it is VERY close (just a few minor things here and there!)

I still want to have the book! I want to be able to read TW and MS together someday! I truly hope that she decides to finish it! I'd love to see the story finished...having read what she made available just left me wanting the rest! I hope beyond hope that she decides to finish it!

She has to know how much her fans want her to finish the story! Here's to hoping!

Kari said...

I am reading it now. So far, I have to agree with Annie. It's so so so good and it's not even the final! I am hoping that SM just needs some time to be mad before she's in a place where she can write again.

Erin said...

I am reading it now as well. I missed Edward so much...almost didn't realize it until I got to read this.

Honestly, I feel so bad for SM. I can compare it on a smaller scale to how I feel when I work so hard to plan something awesome for my students, and then one little jerk ruins it, and I don't even want to continue. It's hard not to punish the rest of the students for one little creep's actions, but hopefully SM can take some time off and then come back to it sooner rather than later.

I'm falling in love with Edward all over again...

Hilarie said...

OK. Have to comment on this topic... I only learned about the leak yesterday. I have been on a little Twilight hiatus - probably the 'postpartum'... :) I have to say that I was a little ticked at Stephenie Meyer for being so down. Although I do sympathise and feel bad for her. The leak happened and that totally sucks - but please, please don't punish us all! I read some of it last night and OH MY! It is AMAZING! Even in rough draft form! So exciting and so SEXY to 'hear' him! And once again, Stephenie is brilliant! I love how the dialouge follows exactly. I HAVE to see it completed or I won't know what to do with myself! We HAVE to know Edward completly and this is the way!!!

Kari said...

Ah, I adore Midnight Sun. It's so so so good. And Edward is so hot. I just finished and can't imagine not reading the whole book.

Corinne said...

I, of course, had to read it. I know there was a violation, but if it weren't for this little snippet, I may never had gotten back on the Twilight bandwagon.

I am SOOOOO wanting more. I need to hear Edward's version of the meadow, what he feels when he kisses Bella for the first time, the first night then spend together, fighting James, and all that happened after SM leaves off in her manuscript. ARGH!!!!!