Friday, August 1, 2008 Article on Stephenie Meyer

Who are these MN women and how come they're not on our site? ;)

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6 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Scrappycook said...

Hi! I saw your site in the comments section of this article (I am scrappycook on TM's)! My neighbor works for the Star Tribune and since I introduced his wife and half of the neighborhood to the Twilight books, he gave the reporter my name when they were looking for a Twilight Mom to interview. We will be in Edina tonight for the release at the Galleria Barnes and Noble - can't wait!

Kari said...

Hi Scrappycook! I recognize your name from TM!

Ah, you guys will be in Edina tonight? We'll be in Minnetonka by Ridgedale. Bummer we aren't going to be at the same place!

We should plan a MN get-together sometime!

Jes said...

Yes! we must have an event soon! Let's start planning!

(great comment Kari, It's hard to miss when reading the article!!)

Kari said...

Yes, whoops, I accidentally commented twice. It didn't show up right away! Now I look like a douche.

Jes said...

no, not at all. just determined to get some traffic over here!

Ryah said...

I wouldn't call you a douche, at least not to your face :)

Way to spread the SVC love!

And Scrappycook, thanks for checking us out and spreading the goodness that is Twilight around!