Sunday, September 7, 2008

Amazon makes a mistake?

The Lex caught this first- But Amazon has put up a listing for the Soundtrack to Twilight... the problem? They have one of SM's playlists from her website as the track list. We all know that the music in the movie is going to be fresh and new to us all. Did someone pull one over on Amazon?

The good news? They have my bday, Oct 28th as the date for the soundtrack to come out- hope thats true!

4 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Anonymous said...

They were probably putting it up so people will download/buy the songs off of Amazon.

One very confusing thing is that in a bookorder from my school, for grades 7-high school, they have Twilight+NM listed as books for High school students only. It says they may contain mature subject matter and objectional language. I can't find any of that stuff in those 2 books. Maybe in the other two, but not Twilight+NM. They only have those 2 in it so i don't know what they put the other two as.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, i was looking aroung SM website and I found this:

I wouldn't be surprized if u've alreay seen it, but i thought I'd mention it anyways.


Erin said...

I can't wait to see what the real track list is!

alison said...

z~z, that is weird about the book orders. I guess I am not sure what would be objectionable in those books either.

I was an avid reader in middle school, and the books in the school library were waaay racier than twilight.