Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thoughts of HP

It's also been ten years since Harry Potter came into our lives! MTV recently gathered some quotes about that, here are the two I think we care about!

Kellan Lutz: "I love 'Harry Potter.' I actually wanted 'Harry Potter' as competition for 'Twilight,' because you'd be seeing the wizard side of fantasy and then jumping into the vampire life. Everyone I talk to is so obsessed with it. I always wished I had powers. I always wished I had a stick and a broom! It's a great story. It's so well-written. I think 'Harry Potter' hit everything. It set the precedent, that peak of Mount Everest, and we all want to climb that mountain. I just wish there were as many books to make movies of in 'Twilight' as there are in 'Harry Potter.' "

Robert Pattinson: "Does it make me a traitor? 'Harry Potter' was what made me become an actor. I credit 'Harry Potter' with everything else that's come since for me. I didn't know what I was doing before that. I hadn't read the books before doing the movie, so at first I read it just as an acting exercise. But I really enjoyed it! But I think Edward would kick Cedric's ass, to be

4 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Erin said...

Awesome. I can't wait until I'm done w/ the series and understand HP. I'm still about halfway through the first one (long week of grading - midterms are next week already, somehow).

And a Rob/Rob (Edward/Cedric) scene would be hott...

Anonymous said...

Cedric? Who's that? But Edward would kick ass.


Anonymous said...

P.S. Just google'd pic's of Cedric and after close inspection the similarities do show. :-P


Jes said...

z-z: Cedric is Rob's role in the Harry Potter movies!