Thursday, September 11, 2008

Question of the Day

Who are you? So, we know that we get at least 250-ish hits a day, sometimes way more than that. And several you have joined our coven and follow our blog. We wanna know who you are and why you follow! And maybe what interests you about Twilight, or what other books you like. Lurkers (and everyone else), expose yourself!

17 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

So, I'm Alison, late 20's kind of girl. You may have noticed that I can be kind of a drama-inciter. I like to make things more interesting ;).

I am an avid reader and Twilight developed my love of fantasy books. I feel like its good for me to have that kind of escape. The coven leaders have been developing quite the book repertoire, so feel free to ask for recommendations. My personal favorite series is the City of Bones and City of Ashes books By Cassandra Clare.

And... Go! Introduce yourselves! Ask questions about us if you want! We would love to get to know you better!

Kari said...

Fun question!

My name is Kari. I am 31, a mother of a 3-year-old boy with a baby on the way. I am an artistic computer geek and proud.

I read Twilight while I was on bedrest with a herniated disc. My sister-in-law (Corinne) forced me to read it. Halfway rolling my eyes and mostly out of boredom, I gave it a shot. I read it in one day. I begged her to bring me the next one. When she forgot to bring me Eclipse on Easter, I left our celebration to go get the book.

So, yeah.

I'm a bookworm and will read anything Alison tells me to read.

Ryah said...

Ryah, 27.

Read Twilight cause Alison made me. The rest is SVC history.

twilightangel said...

My real name is Selena. I started reading the Twilight series about two weeks ago and I love it. I'm obsessed with reading it. I bring it with me to work and everything. Everybody pretty much thinks I'm nuts but I've been bitten by the Twilight bug. I found this blog through a search and I enjoy reading it! I'm 23 years old and I'm from Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

I am Beth, 31, I have been married for 2 years and have one cat named marley. I am pregnant for the first time (17 weeks and counting) and I got interested in the series because of Kari's strong recommendations. I love the harry potter series, and other fantasy books like chronicles of narnia and the golden compass. I am currently reading a couple of books by sophia kinsella and re-reading the HP series for about the 100th time.

Erin said...


I'm Erin, I'm 27, live in MN, married and pregnant with my first baby - exactly 20 weeks today (due Jan 29). I teach middle school English, but last year I finished my grad degree in library science. In one of my classes for that program back in 2005, we were to find a newly released YA book and review it, and I ended up with Twilight. I've been hooked ever since, agonizing each year until the next one is released.

I was friends with Alison and Ryah in high school, and that's how I got connected with this awesome group.

Twilight is the first fantasy book I've ever read, and it's totally opened a new genre for me. I will read anything Alison/SVCers recommend, and I always try to keep up with what my students are reading, too.

We should really post bios somewhere more permanently here on the site...great question.

Maggie said...

I'm Maggie, 20, and I live in Raleigh, NC. I'm a college student at Meredith College, a private woman's college! I'm majoring in psychology and plan to get my Ph.D in clinical psych. I'm minoring in professional writing because I love English and writing. I'm also an English tutor at Meredith. And I love cats and fashion haha.

I got into Twilight because of my friend Melissa's recommendation. She let me borrow her book one day and I've never given it back!! I was never into fantasy books, except for Harry Potter, but Twilight just drew me in. I found SVC randomly on the internet, and I was a lurker for a while, then decided to post, and now I'm hooked! I just really enjoy discussing real questions on here and hearing other people's opinions.

heatheryruth said...

Ooo! Great Question Alison! What fun!

I'm Heather, I'm 29 (YIKES the big 30 comes in MARCH!) I'm the mother of 2 girls with another due to arrive any day now! I've been married for 8 years and until my 2nd daughter was born I taught elementary P.E. I now stay home with my girls!

I found Twilight because my very best friend (whose a librarian) gave it to me as a birthday gift last year! I was hooked almost right away! (in fact I surpassed her addiction for the series hehe!) I found SVC through the TwilightMOMS site and met most of them SVCers at the MOA Host signing! They seemed like they were having so much fun and such a great group of girls that I asked if I could "join" even though I TECHNICALLY live in WI!

I have also started reading some of the other books fellow SVCer's have recommended! (COA/COB are GREAT!) THANKS!

Anonymous said...

I go by Z~Z on the web and read Twilight because I had nothing better to do. Then I got hooked and read the rest of the books in 3days. I had to wait two months for BD to come out. I always talked about how good the books were so one friend started and now both my closest friends are hooked. I do sort of regret it though. It gets very annoying listening to them fight over whether Edward or Jasper is cuter. (Edward!)
I have a dog and 2 brothers and am currently in grade 7. It's a big change going from 2 teachers to 6. I still don't no my principles name.

OK, that's all I'm aloud to give out on the net.

Oh! forgot this little fact. I have read all the books that are half interesting and appropriate for me in my basement (a lot of books) and finished Lord of the Rings before grade 5.


Corinne said...

I'm Corinne. 28, married 5.5 years, no kids.

I suppose I read Twilight as a fluke. They were left at my house by Alison and I was told "Read them or don't, I'll take them back if you haven't read them by the next time I'm in town". You have to know that before this I DID NOT READ. I read the HP series and Lord of the Rings, but that was it, really.

I picked them up and I was HOOKED. Not only did my obsession with the Cullen's start, but I started reading. It's crazy. I never thought I could really find that much enjoyment from leisure reading, but I am--of course I still only read what is recommended to me, but it's been fun!

Jes said...

i'm jes, 28 yrs.
retired youth director- now a grad student and I work with special needs adults.

read twilight on a whim one night when i was sick, got hooked and read nm and eclp within the next 24hrs.

i love how sm writes about emmotions and love.

alison said...

Thanks everyone for posting! Its been fun to see who you all are. And don't be afraid to get involved on the blog!

Mandy said...

28 yrs old
mom of a 19 mo. old

i am a high school social studies teacher. i first became aware of twilight when i yelled at some 10th graders who were reading during my class last spring. tsk. they were so obsessed. if i would have known about twilight then, i would have recognized how much more meaningful the story is than us history (haha).

then kari was reporting on it, so i chose it for my book club selection in july. i ignored family and friends on vacation to get through the books. it was worth it. :)

Jill Berry said...

Jill, married, 31, Graphic Designer

Kari got me into the books. She barely let me borrow her Twilight was like she was saying goodbye to her child! So, I read it fast and borrowed her New Moon (which she gave up more easily) to take on vacation with me. I read it twice over the course of the 1 week in Greece and scowered the airport to find Eclipse, but was only able to find Twilight in Greek. I hurried to finish Eclipse so I could finally join the SVC :)

leylakyrie said...

Oh Fahrvergn├╝gen! I've been demoted off the coven list...sniff*sniff*
Hi guys, sorry, I've been all over the place. I know, everywhere but here! Unfortunately, next week I'll be in VA until Friday - busy, busy! Well...about name really is Leylakyrie. I work in the engineering/aviation field, we design airports(runways and such). It was just by chance one day while perusing through some books on greek mythology, "Twilight" literally fell on the floor at my feet. Why it was there, I have no idea, but I was intrigued. I ended up reading the first three books over that weekend and was one of the first in line for BD! Didn't get much sleep, but it was all worth it! It was icing on the cake when I learned of the movie and it's cast. I've always liked the actors that Hollywood classifies as "unknown". I was familiar with all the actors in Twilight, so I'm really looking forward to their portrayal of the book!! ok...I'll stop talking now - bye!

Hilarie said...

Hi. I'm Hilarie. A 36 year old stay at home mom of 2 little boys and 1 niece that lives with us. My aunt kept telling me to read Twilight and I finally bought the book and it sat on my bedside table for a few months... Now I laugh that my life changing obsession was inches away from me all that time and I had no idea! I became obsessed instantly and now have Twilight pictures (Edward specifically... :) ) hanging in random places throughout my house! Edward and Twilight are household names with my kids... Is that wrong? :)

Love your blog. It's so different then the rest. You all seem like such a cool and smart group of girls that I got hooked!

Pinkchan said...

hello all my name is Rosa Im 26 and live in Monterrey,MX just the last week I found a the name of your club in a twilight quiz and I thought it was funny so I came to check and you guys got me with the pick up lines.(dont know if that is how it was suppose to happen:P)
I came in contact with twilight first by the apple cover while I saw it in a library and love it but then read the review they put in spanish and though it was kind of vain and totally forgot about it. Months later in a super market I came a cross NM and love the cover again but the thing that that forced me to buy it(though I had to take out some grocery) was this little paragraph:"I knew we were both in mortal danger. still, in that instant, I felt well.Whole...I was perfect - not healed, but as if there had never been a wound in the first place". then got home and realize that it was a part of a saga so I had to get the others first in order to read it and things turn out for the best, I could read all the books almost on a roll i was finishing eclipse one or two days after BD was released so I didnt have to wait(remembering HP torture)I read mostly at night so didnt sleep more that 4 hours per day until I finished BD the second time. and Im hooked probably forever. I love books but i mostly read female authors(less description more feelings) and the icon I use is how I have always imagine Edward looked like.(heart and breath stop)