Monday, September 29, 2008

um. is anyone still watching True Blood?

It ended on kind of a weird note last night, don't you think?

That show is like a train wreck. It kind of sucks, but I can't look away!

Anyway, if you are watching it, what do you think of the show, now that you've gotten a chance to see a few epis?

8 enjoyed the bouquet.:

Kari said...

I haven't watched last night's episode yet (shh, don't tell me what happens!) but so far I really like it. Maybe I like it more because I haven't read the books and have no preconceived notions?

Random thoughts:
It has been criticized for being too dirty (according to some of the posts on some forums I visit) -- I don't mind that either. Obvs.

I think Sookie looks like she's 12 and Bill looks 40.

I like the dog. Jes told me about who he is. It makes Lego more tolerable. Maybe he's a hot bartender too?

I think Sookie's brother is gross.

alison said...

I don't mind dirty shows, but somehow I find this show to be slightly offensive. I feel like its trying too hard to be dirty. ?? I don't know why it bothers me cause I've watched stuff thats waaaay more graphic. ah, oh well.

And I am not sure why I don't like it that much. Its not because I read the book. It just seems kind of... lame. I don't know how to explain it. I just feel like laughing through the episodes. But I'm pretty judgemental, so that could be it.

Kari said...

I don't think you're along though. I've heard a lot of people don't like it. Maybe I'm too accepting?

Jes said...

I like it too! I go over and watch it each week with kari- I am really enjoying it. There are some cringe worthy moments, but i think its fun.
I like comparing it to the book.

Erin said...

I am usually too accepting about shows/books etc, but I'm with you, Alison - I think of it as a train wreck. I can't look away; I have to keep watching...but it is pretty obnoxious. I like elements of it but don't feel like characters or plot is very well developed. We shall see, though! (I'll probably keep watching it regardless, since Entourage is on right after that!) It's fun, but I watch more for the shock factor than anything else.

Anonymous said...

My friend friend loves it but I'm not aloud to watch it. (it's rated R u no)

I forget who, but someone asked if I had more of my story, and I do. The only problem is that it's 20 pages long so far, and i haven't even introduced al the characters.


alison said...

I think your mom is on the right track. I am pretty sure that my own mom would try to stop me from watching if she knew about it, and I'm 27. Its pretty dirty.

heatheryruth said...

Man...wish I got HBO! I wanna know what you guys are talking about! Which books are these shows based on again? Are the books pretty good?! (seems like the show is "dirty" are the books that way as well?!) I don't mind Vamp smut so don't worry hehe! (I just started the Brotherhood series if that means anything!)