Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Question of the Day

Apparently some of the pics out there of Rob stumbling out of the clubs has gotten some people all up in arms. The Movie Fanatic website has recently posted this article about Rob and his Fandom.

My question today is this:

What type of fan are you? Do you care about your favorite actors personal life? Does that play a role in how much you like that actor? Why or why not?

8 enjoyed the bouquet.:

alison said...

I think it does, sometimes. My favorite actors seem to be ones I don't know all that much about--they stay out of the public eye and do their own thing. Its the ones that we are always hearing about that we roll our eyes at. For example, I liked Katie HOlmes in Dawson's Creek, but now she's married to Tom Cruise and just seems weird. I don't like her anymore. Or how Ryan Phillipe cheated on his wife. Stuff like that makes me not like an actor as much.

But what you are referring to, stumbling out of a bar, well, I assume that he was drunk. And I couldn't give a shit about that. Although if he were on the cusp of death, like Amy Winehouse, well, then it might matter to me.

Kari said...

The drinking doesn't bother me at all. He's a young adult. Didn't we all experiment with drinkies? People are so weird for getting upset about that.

I agree with you, Alison, about personal lives making a difference for me. Especially if I hear a man cheated. I really WANT to like Brad Pitt but I still haven't forgiven him. Granted, I'm sure you can't trust everything you read on the INTERNET... unless it's Perez.

heatheryruth said...

Yeah I'm with Alison on this one! I think to an extent it affects their fandom! The more "to themeselves" they are the more I tend to respect them! Everyone goes out and has a good harm in that! However when it's ALL they do...or are falling down DRUNK every night and making a fool of themselves in other public ways...then They kinda lose it for me!

( for instance....I used to LOVE Russell Crowe...but then he was always being an A$$ to it made me not like him anymore!)

Good Question!!!

(FYI for those that is my DUE DATE...and still no baby *sigh*)

Maggie said...

I think an actor's personal life does sort of change my opinion of them. Like Brad Pitt...I can't forgive him either Kari. And Angelina is a homewrecker, no matter how many babies she adopts. But the whole drinking thing doesn't bother me; young adults drink! I guess it really just depends. Again, I agree that only Perez tells the truth, I love him.

leylakyrie said...

Hi guys! I agree with all of you. I appreciate the work an actor, musician, entertainer does. However, when they try to live any sort of "normal" life, it is unfortunate for them that it most likely will be in the public's eye. I know I have left the house feeling like crap and just hoped that nobody would even look my way...not so much for them. Must be hard - but, they knew about that when they chose that career. I think it all boils down to forming an objective opinion about the "person" after I have studied their "public persona". Do they respect themselves enough not to be a complete idiot or at least try not to? If they take that into consideration in their actions, then I can respect them and enjoy their work even more. Don't get me wrong, I have had many fun nights out and can remember, well I'll just say that my equilibrium was a bit off kilter for the evening...but damn was it a great night! I guess try to live by my mission in life - CARPE DIEM! ROCK EACH DAY - LIVE IT, LOVE IT, AND DO IT AGAIN! Just try not to end up looking like Amy Winehouse…that’s just sad.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what actor/actress's do in their spare time. It's their life, not mine or any of my close friends. Just let them do their own thing.

As for him being drunk, I'll take your opinion on it because I'm not old enough to drink yet. If you want to know what I think on the matter from my point of view, see above paragraph.

I care Heather! Pls keep me/us updated!


ps- i had 2 get my hep. b shot today and it hurt. like, a lot.

Pinkchan said...

I guess that, to me the actors are separate from the characters not the same being so I can enjoy a movie even if their life dont match my taste.
And about the drinking I just worry that is bad publicity for twilight and because the incident some parents dont allow their minors to go see it, then it will be low in sells and there will be no sequels(mmm I didnt realize that I was so negative)

Erin said...

I'm caught in the middle here. I feel somewhat bad that they have to be scrutinized, but they did choose the profession knowing that fame had its downside. And really, so many actors do a great job of keeping out of the paparazzi glare. I guess despite my best efforts, it usually does affect how I view them. Seeing them occasionally in photos out at clubs, bars, drinking etc doesn't ruin my idea of them, long as they are wearing underwear.

(Though I might not mind if Rob didn't? hahahaha)